eastside adventures

cover_eastside adventures.png

a rly rly long time ago (before i got my doggo lol), my mum & i went to this dog adoption drive hehe and although we didn’t return with any pupper :< … i did get myself a pair of doggo socks & a bunch of aesthetic photos. 😉

excuse the title HAHA – the place is kinda in the east of where i live and it made sense for a vaguely cool-sounding title lol. & yep i did a lil collage thing once more with the photos!! super excited to share it bc they rly are very pretty, so here it is 🙂

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frozen flower photography

frozen flower photos.png

super excited to share this project today!! it’s actually something we did during school but i rlyrly enjoyed it & i was pretty satisfied with the photos that came out of it too, so i decided i’d do a quick post on them! (also bc i haven’t posted in wayy too long :<)

for these photos, we froze a bunch of flowers in water overnight HAHA & then photographed the resulting blocks of ice. the results were legit the coolest (pun not intended) & prettiest things ever!! :>

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christmas photo diary

christmas photo diary 2016.png

hohoho! well i hope everyone had a rly lovely holiday or 25th of december, whatever it is that you celebrate or do on that day. i’ve never actually been very big on this whole holiday thing, but idk this year i just rly got into it??? (probably after watching too much vlogmas,,, lol the power of youtube)

soo anyway i decided to do an edit of everything christmassy from this year, from the pre-festive shopping (ok mainly bc i took photos of so many cute things i could not afford,,,) to the actual day feasting & traditional stuff.

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