just updating~

• just updating~~ •

trying a vertical photo instead?! lol

haven’t posted in too damn long ;-; so i realized i rly ought to get my arse back here and write something :/

lately i’ve been caught up in a neverending barrage of schoolwork and other exhausting commitments and tbh i’m more tired and spent than ever .___. things r alright, just rly, rly draining. so i’m sorry for not posting in almost two months, but i’m trying to be understanding to myself as well bc i really don’t have the present circumstances to make it all work out. anyway, this post is just a quick update on things as well as some visual fodder (aka recent photos).

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creative projects for a long weekend

creative projects for long weekends.png

gna start off by quickly apologizing for how long i was away from my blog!! >< i had a bunch of exams and tests in the last two weeks, & coupled with the fact that i decided to scrap one of my pending drafted posts, i didn’t really have anything to post ._.  but anyway, i’m back & ready to share new stuff!! yay :>

there was a (reaally) long weekend a while back (when i first started writing this post HAHA), and as a result i’ve been thinking a bit about how to pass the time (apart from plodding through a deluge of homework, that is). having done a little thinking, i thought i’d share what i came up with y’all!

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themed illustrations: perennial sadness

perennial sadness.png

i was feeling a little meh the other day & couldn’t exactly sleep, & since i realized i haven’t done one of these themed illustration round-up posts in some time, i figured i’d start drawing some new stuff again!

obviously my mood at that point in time kind of affected my creative output, so i apologize beforehand if some (or all) of these seem pretty emotional & lowkey depressing,, tbh i have my own personal mental struggles & i don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, which is probably why i’m sharing these today. but in general, i hope you’ll be able to look beyond the content/words & also just appreciate the art as it is!

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