glitch effects & cinemagraphs | dabbling in photoshop

dabbling in photoshop.png

i’m a bit mortified that it’s been more than two weeks since i’ve posted : -( what the heckkk?? i’ve unfortunately been creatively dormant for some time tbh; like struggling to start new projects and i can’t even write this post properly :// but uh, imma try rn bc i seriously want to post on my blog soon! it has been far too quiet lol.

um so this post! is gna be sharing a bunch of things i made whilst following some photoshop tutorials & trying my hand at a bunch of new techniques : -) and i was kinda stoked at how they turned out sooo~ gotta share!

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blog refurbishment

blog refurbishment.png

sometimes it doesn’t entirely register, but i started my blog in 2015, which feels exceptionally far away from the present tbh! with the passage of time i’ve undoubtedly changed quite a few aspects of my blog, and especially in recent times i’ve been favouring a certain creative vision and outlook for my content. it’s actually been an ongoing shift so this overhaul is pretty overdue 😮

while i still love blogging, i’ve begun to crave some modicum of change in terms of layout & post content… as such, over the past week i’ve been working on refreshing and sorting through everything; and i figured i’d write about it here!

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recent bakes: breads & peanut butter cookies!

recent bakes pt1.png

new photo layout?? idk hehe experimenting w/ something :>

as i’ve told a lot of people lately… when i’m bored, i bake. one look at the state of my kitchen-top/fridge & you’d know that WELP, i’m really bored… not that i’m complaining though, because i’ve definitely found a lot of fulfillment in my recent baking adventures.

anyway, since i take way too many photos of everything, here’s some cute photos of all the yummy baked goods that have recently graced my oven (& the recipes of course, so you can recreate them too!) also, a brief shoutout to my friends & family for helping me finish up all the glut of food lmao. 😉

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