vision board updates & ideas

vision board decor ideas.png

as promised in the previous post, i’m back with more vision board related stuff! hehe. it feels like it’s only been a short while, but looking back at blog archives, i realized that my vision board has been with me for more than a year now. & until recently, i literally had not changed up any of the decor on it :< oops.

around the end of last year, i decided to do a little ‘new year new decor’ (jk lol) and freshen up my vision board A LOT by completely reorganizing it. it looks 100% different now but that kind of reflects how i’ve changed in terms of creative vision, & i’m rly happy about that!

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outdated stuff & dormant neural connections

life update & rant.jpg

omg a rare vertical cover photo

i originally wanted to title this post “deceased neurons” or “fried brain cells” or something depressing along those lines because rly, right now that’s exactly how i feel.

life itself is hard enough, not to mention the tiring entity is that school – sigh, as much as i love how it provides me with mental stimulation & a relief from the mundane monotony of holiday existence, it can be tiring and taxing and all sorts of emotional-breakdown-causing.

between homework and keeping up with social expectations and trying to save myself from my own messed up mind, idk i think i’ve somewhat lost perspective on how life should be. & what to do, moving on from here. (it’s become a pretty narrowed experience)

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diy birthday zine

diy birthday zine present.png

yo so my friend’s bday was a while back & having just met up with her to pass her the present, i thought i’d write a post about how i made it!!

apart from some other presents, i made her a small zine – which included photos (of us lmao), cats (!! because she loves them hehe), and a couple of nice poetic quotes that i chose.

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