phone wallpapers // fruits with flash

phone wallpapers fruits.png

this post took way longer than it should’ve, but yes – wallpapers are back!! i know they’ve been a little more sporadic & not so frequent recently?? but i’ve gotten a lot of feedback (oK more like just one person but still) that you guys still quite like the wallpapers i used to post?

so i thought i’d make a couple more!! hehe. these are kind of inspired/based-on the recent photo series i did, involving flash photography & fruits (–> that you can see here HAHA)

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Wallpaper Love : Days Like This


i was talking to a friend about my blog & it seems like a lot of people rly like the wallpapers? good to know hehe | if you do, you’re in luck because i have a new one for you today!! (and it’s free, duh.)

tbh i was just warming up for my actual art project (this one) with some lettering strokes,,, and then this popped out! i lowkey like it (okay leaning more towards highkey now) & i hope you do too 🙂 ehehe.

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Wallpaper Love : ‘Hello’ Cute Patterns


< friends of the forest notebook | typo >

two wallpapers in a row? y’all are blessed, HAHA. just kidding, this wallpaper probably should’ve come in a bundle with the previous one (i’ll link that one right here!) but busy me was far too bogged down by work to get the photo shoot done.

but of course, it’s ready today! this phone wallpaper is ridiculously cute and a bit more bright and cheery than my normal ones. link to download will be below!

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