vision board updates & ideas

vision board decor ideas.png

as promised in the previous post, i’m back with more vision board related stuff! hehe. it feels like it’s only been a short while, but looking back at blog archives, i realized that my vision board has been with me for more than a year now. & until recently, i literally had not changed up any of the decor on it :< oops.

around the end of last year, i decided to do a little ‘new year new decor’ (jk lol) and freshen up my vision board A LOT by completely reorganizing it. it looks 100% different now but that kind of reflects how i’ve changed in terms of creative vision, & i’m rly happy about that!

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5 DIY Ways to Decorate your Planner

01 diy decor for planner.jpg

me and my planner-obsessed posts are back, whether you like it or not! hah. my planner hands-down my favourite part about going back to school (also, thanks to everyone who has called it pretty so far; my planner is really very flattered, HAHA).

i’ve been seeing a lot of planner inspo videos and feeling that despite it cute illustrations, my planner could do with a couple of even cuter accessories! and that’s just what this post is about – a couple of cute things you can do to spice up your planner without spending too much money.

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Planning Strategies for the New Year

1 how to use my planner.jpg

new year, new start, right?? i can wax lyrical about planners for the whole of this year, and that still wouldn’t be enough… but anyway. i like to jokingly think of converting people to the planner obsession as one of the small callings i’ve been given 🙂

so today’s post will be just that! if you found last year not quite up to your standards, like it was too messy and you just weren’t ready for all the things that came your way… then planners are for you.

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