creative projects for a long weekend

creative projects for long weekends.png

gna start off by quickly apologizing for how long i was away from my blog!! >< i had a bunch of exams and tests in the last two weeks, & coupled with the fact that i decided to scrap one of my pending drafted posts, i didn’t really have anything to post ._.  but anyway, i’m back & ready to share new stuff!! yay :>

there was a (reaally) long weekend a while back (when i first started writing this post HAHA), and as a result i’ve been thinking a bit about how to pass the time (apart from plodding through a deluge of homework, that is). having done a little thinking, i thought i’d share what i came up with y’all!

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outdated stuff & dormant neural connections

life update & rant.jpg

omg a rare vertical cover photo

i originally wanted to title this post “deceased neurons” or “fried brain cells” or something depressing along those lines because rly, right now that’s exactly how i feel.

life itself is hard enough, not to mention the tiring entity is that school – sigh, as much as i love how it provides me with mental stimulation & a relief from the mundane monotony of holiday existence, it can be tiring and taxing and all sorts of emotional-breakdown-causing.

between homework and keeping up with social expectations and trying to save myself from my own messed up mind, idk i think i’ve somewhat lost perspective on how life should be. & what to do, moving on from here. (it’s become a pretty narrowed experience)

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2017 thoughts & goals

2017 thoughts n goals.png

omg ??? how??? 2017 is actually a thing like, right now. asdfghjkl ok byE. i’m writing this while printing out next year’s class timetable, making folders that start with the prefix “2017-“, and scribbling new important dates down in my planner. idk, it just seems way too real rn.

anyway, apart from all that, i thought i’d take a lil time to type out my thoughts / goals for the new year, especially all the blog related ones. here they are!

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