10 free styled stock photos for bloggers (part 3!!)

: free styled stock photos for bloggers.png

it’s been way too long (like more than a year. seriously,,) since i did one of these posts!! but since they appear to be really well-received (?!), i thought i’d do another one 🙂 this bunch doesn’t really follow any specific theme but they’re mostly photos from recent shoots / things that i felt were pretty universal & can be used for lots of blogging purposes.

as with the previous two times (let me just link them here & here HAHA), these stock photos can be used on your blog, instagram, pinterest, etc… as long as you give credit! just a lil’ linkback to my blog will do, and if it’s on social media don’t forget to tag me, hoho. :> bc of course i want to see what y’all get up to with the photos!!

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4 reasons to read your old blog posts

01 why i reread my old posts.png

a while back (this is a damn old post draft oKk bear with me) i was re-reading through some of my old posts on this blog & feeling super duper nostalgic… IDK i think it’s a niice feeling.

re-reading your old posts is actually something i think all bloggers should try out, because there’s really so much merit in it (which i will, of course, elaborate on in this post! yay)
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A year later.


kinda in disbelief as i type this? okay, so maaay have completely missed this blog’s one year anniversary. 😮 IT LOOKS SO WEIRD TYPING IT OUT omg because i find it both mindblowing and saddening that time does pass and things do change.

let’s start back at the beginning… this is going to be a post inundated with rambly sentences and reduced levels of coherence on my part. deal with it 😛

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