planning a photography project

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sighh i really have to apologize to you guys for how late this is. i wrote it like 2 months ago but i value quality a lot & i didn’t have the time (or computer storage space) to create the graphic for it. :/ shitty reason, i know. tbh i don’t really have a good justification for how long this post took to be finished – so i’m just really sorry! school work & life are an absolute drag on my creativity & i find it really hard to create anything when i’m under a lot of stress. :- (

nonetheless, i’m really excited & passionate to share this today – a post about planning a photography project! this obviously isn’t really a comprehensive thing, bc i’m still a noob lolol and not all that great at photography stuff, but i wanted to do a lil run-through of how i normally do stuff. and hopefully it’ll be interesting & somewhat helpful :>

getting started

1. plan ahead (but be spontaneous)

i always like to draw up a brief outline of my photography project… which normally happens while struggling to fall asleep at 2am LOL. but yeah, whenever ideas hit actually!

it’s always great to plan ahead: write down the general feel that you’re looking for, the location/s you’re going to use, subject matters and the message behind your project (if any, since idk sometimes i’m just there for the aesthetic HAHAHA). another thing that i do if i’m bubbling with ideas is to legit write out specific framing/positioning that i envisage shooting.

maybe i’m just overly imaginative, but sometimes i’ve got a really fixed mental image of what i want to photograph. if you’re like me, then write (or even sketch!) those draft images out!

remember that you can always be carried away by spontaneity and change your plans later, so don’t be too rigid! but all the same it’s nice to have some outline for your project, especially in the initial stages, so i’d still recommend making even a bare-bones plan before you get started.

2. do some background research

this is kind of optional depending on what you’re intending to shoot, but i’ll write about it briefly anyway. basically, take some time to read up about anything that you’re new to or unsure about. for example, if you’ll be shooting at an outdoor location, remember to check the opening hours or regulations (if any), or maybe ask around about when it’s most crowded/deserted, depending on what kind of photography project you’re looking at.

or, if you’ll be trying a new form of photography (maybe long exposure?? or macro?!) look up some quick tutorials to get familiar with the techniques. you might even find a little inspiration as you search for information!

3. prep and pack

finally, don’t forget to charge your camera batteries and clear your memory card the night before! i’m definitely guilty of having gone for shoots with no memory card in my camera, only to return and be essentially bereft of any photos. so yeah, rmb to bring all your necessary gear!

also, make any sets or backdrops that you might need, or go out and buy extra props beforehand. i don’t normally do major enough things to require such planning, but if needs be you could also make a list of everything you need to acquire or pack for your photography project. :>

during your shoot

1. getting help from others 

don’t be afraid to seek help from others for your photography project! be it models, fellow photographer-friends, or even family members, i think it’s really cool how photography can draw people together and you should definitely take the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

people can serve as subjects, or help you handle the equipment/props as you work on your project. for me, this help is in the form of my family members keeping my inquisitive lil pupper away from my tripod and camera while i set things up outside :p but of course it’s up to you~~

also i’m pretty jealous (in a good way. duhh) of instagrammers who meet up with their artsy friends to go on shoots and make photographic magic, so YEAH i would definitely advocate for grabbing some of your friends/family and involving them in your photography project.

2. stay open minded to taking new stuff

yeah… so i did mention earlier that you should start out by making a brief lil plan, and maybe even layout the different photos you want to take. but with all that said, i also think it’s important to be flexible & go with the flow!!

sometimes during shoots, you undoubtedly will face setbacks or challenges when things don’t go to plan. & that’s ok!

i think it’s really cool when you can just live in the moment, and fluidly let the ideas flow. so if something that happens that isn’t to plan, do try to be open-minded and try out new things!

and also, don’t be afraid to scrap any ideas that aren’t working for you now, and take new photos that suddenly look just right to you.

3. have a schedule or timetable

keep this one loose, bc you know… delays are pretty commonplace when you’re doing this kind of creative project!

but all the same, something that i don’t normally do but am rly gna implement in the future is having a schedule or timetable, so that i won’t accidentally overrun! often, it’s easy to get carried away bc photography is just that fun *_* (right??!), but it’s important to remember your time constraints.

besides, a schedule keeps you focused and organized, and it can be a fun challenge to try to finish your project within a fixed time bc it’ll really push you to be efficient as a photographer.


finally!! it’s time for the chill part of every photog project :> i love the post-processing phase where i get to hang around on my laptop, edit photos, work them into new graphics/collage thingys (and watch grey’s anatomy too HAHAHA)

1. set aside time to edit your photos 

so yep! set aside some time to work on the photos you’ve taken. doesn’t really need to be a really big block, but put aside some time you can properly sit down and focus on your photos.

it may be filtering them a certain way or just doing small tweaks, but i guess just based on the initial vision you had for your photography project & also your personal style!

i don’t think you always need to edit your photos – sometimes unedited stuff is really cool too~ but if you want to edit yours then now’s the time to work on it!

2. publishing it/finishing the project

does the project ever end…????


hopefully you’ve had a really great time with your photography project and you’ve taken some lovely photos you’re proud of!!

if you’d like to, you can also look into publishing it – there are a myriad of platforms out there… like blogs, behance, deviantart, instagram and stuff like that. i don’t really publish my photos on places apart from this blog, but i think it’d be really cool to have an account on one of those others sites as well.

and that’s it!! photography projects are something i really really relish & so i hope this post leads you on to trying out some of it on your own. there’s nothing like making photos and seeing a planned vision come to life!!

please tell me how your project turns out if you do try this, as well as what your process normally looks like!! until then, i’ll be right here taking photos (& battling schoolwork too) :–)

xx, roxanne

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