5 ways to spend the end of the holidays

5 ways to spend the end of the holidays.png

i’m definitely filled to the brim with dread as i realize that i’ve only got less than five days (by the time i post this, even less :< ) of the school holidays left… and then it’s back to banefully early mornings, awkward social situations and all my time & energy being sapped unforgivably by deadlines and assessments.

yep, i am most certainly not looking forward to school’s re-opening. (also, i’ve also only posted once throughout this entire month even though i had more time than usual; so pretty irked by that as well TT) like seriously??? i do not want to go back lol,, even so, the inevitable must eventually happen ;-; so i thought i’d keep myself accountable by writing out a couple of things i want to do more of before reality creeps back in.

[ahem also i really want to write more about how much i hate school but i’ll spare you the anger-charged details and melancholic rant.]

hopefully these ideas are also things you might want to work on as well!! idk what holidays are like in the international scheme of things but here’s wishing you have some time to take a breather & engage in whatever makes you feel better and more fulfilled, regardless of whether it’s something on my list or not.

alright with that said, here’s five things i’ll try to do more of in the fading days of my break – complete with somewhat relevant photos. (i tried.)

1. spend more time with matcha

(matcha’s my dog, if you’re not already privy to my obsession with dogs and japanese green tea!) 


(wearing a cone bc he just got sterilised LOL)


i love him to BITS (obviously), and even though i’ll still be walking him and having regular training sessions during the school term, i know it’s unlikely that i’ll have much free time to do the more laidback and unstructured things that i love about owning a dog.

like… staring at his floppy ears as they flap in the wind, doing homework whilst he sleeps at the doorstep, or watching his tiny black figure loaf around on our porch. *_* so i’m definitely going to be soaking up all the belly rubs and nose boops that i can get for now.

2. finish my homework & prepare for the schoolterm

YES i know this is hella contradictory… but hey as much as i can talk for hours about my distaste for school (trust me.) i know it’s something that will happen eventually.

i guess that by working on some stuff before i go back i’ll hopefully be more prepared and sliiiiightly less stressed during the school term itself. keyword: hoping. i’m usually always stressed by anything even remotely related to school & it’s horrors. meh.

specifically i’m trying to finish up my homework, and then also catching up with anything i missed the previous term while i was falling asleep in class (oops). also! my favourite part of back to school! adding the important test dates to my planner/calendar and clearing up my room again. at least there’s one thing i can be somewhat enthusiastic about…

3. take more flatlays

in terms of photography & blogging, i think flatlays come pretty close to being my first love. as lame as it sounds (??), they’re one of the reasons why i really wanted to start blogging & it’s always something i really enjoy.

even though it’s tiring, & really time consuming, and leaves me with piles of random stationery and items on the floor… not to mention how it also drains my finances – i just love doing it so so much.

i didn’t get much time to work on flatlays this holidays, so in the final days (wow that sounds dramatically apocalyptic) i’ve made a list of things i would like to flatlay. so far i’ve done the one that’s pictured – it’s of a bunch of bits & bobs i got while overseas, and hopefully i’ll have finished the other exciting ones before the end of the holidays!! fingers crossed.

4. go out with friends

best!! part!! of!! holidays!!


outings with friends.png

don’t mind my excitement ahaha :p but as much as i am pretty socially inept there are a few people that i’m really lucky to call my friends :> going out with them is something we seldom do amidst the all-too-common snowstorm of school, so i’ve really enjoyed meeting up with them for meals & mall-explorations these past weeks.

here are a few photos from a really rad cafe experience with one of my pals!!! it was so much fun hanging out, eating good food, breathing in the aesthetic surroundings (insert sparkles here) and just having a great time catching up.

got a few more outings planned for the upcoming weekend, so i’m really looking forward to going out and spending what remains of the holidays with my friends. :’)

5. schedule blog posts

finally!! you didn’t think i would forget the blog, did you? nahh this is something i still hold really close to my heart, and i always will, no matter how hectic school and/or life gets.

i mentioned earlier that i barely got to blog this month even though there was no school. idk, can’t really justify the lack of posts :/ but i have had a lot of ideas recently & i’m actually working simultaneously on a few of them (this post included!) right now!!

really pumped to just get the thoughts pouring into the wordpress editor & it’s always nice to put together my creative visions into something tangible. so yep, my plans for the blog will be to work on all the posts i’ve got hanging around in my drafts folder!!

that will involve a couple of good ol’ midnight writing sessions, photoshoots & clearing my disk space to make room for all the photoshop files i’m going to be running… but yeah, i’m definitely looking forward to it. 🙂

no doubt i’m sad about the end of the holidays… but typing all this out has definitely given me a lil bit more energy and direction to make the most of the remaining days.

i hope it’s similarly inspired you to spend your free time getting stuff you really love done!! no more lying around with your phone (ok maybe a few hours of that…) or lamenting the end of the school break. do go out & make some really good memories, so that when school (or work; whatever it is) does eventually restart, you at least won’t be regretting anything.

/throws confetti because that was probably the most uplifting and positive ending i’ve ever written!!!1!!1/ 

must be the fact that i’m writing this at 1am HAHAHA. happy end of june/start of july!!

xx, roxanne

[p.s. happy to announce that as i’m posting this i’ve made a concerted effort to do all those things above!!]

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