eastside adventures

cover_eastside adventures.png

a rly rly long time ago (before i got my doggo lol), my mum & i went to this dog adoption drive hehe and although we didn’t return with any pupper :< … i did get myself a pair of doggo socks & a bunch of aesthetic photos. 😉

excuse the title HAHA – the place is kinda in the east of where i live and it made sense for a vaguely cool-sounding title lol. & yep i did a lil collage thing once more with the photos!! super excited to share it bc they rly are very pretty, so here it is 🙂

eastside adventures final.png

and that’s it! kinda short i know :/ but i still really enjoyed it :> i think that exploring new parts of the country is really fulfilling bc not only do i get sick photos, i also get to do lots of walking!! and adventuring!! seeing new stuff!! hehe yeah you get the idea.

highly recommend you take a bus/train/car down to somewhere different this weekend: bring a camera & an open mind and be prepared to have a fun time!!

ok now enough with me preaching the benefits of adventures HAHA.  i hope you enjoyed these graphicsss, and thanks for reading heheh.

xx, roxanne

p.s. more photo collage thingos like this at this link!! if ur not already sick of my art style lmao 😛

social media links!! where i post (kind-of) aesthetic photos & ramble about my stupid life lmao.

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