just updating~

• just updating~~ •

trying a vertical photo instead?! lol

haven’t posted in too damn long ;-; so i realized i rly ought to get my arse back here and write something :/

lately i’ve been caught up in a neverending barrage of schoolwork and other exhausting commitments and tbh i’m more tired and spent than ever .___. things r alright, just rly, rly draining. so i’m sorry for not posting in almost two months, but i’m trying to be understanding to myself as well bc i really don’t have the present circumstances to make it all work out. anyway, this post is just a quick update on things as well as some visual fodder (aka recent photos).

in the past two months++ (???) i’ve not posted :< i’ve plowed through about 7 exams, 4 projects and a lot of stress & life drama. heck, i even missed the second anniversary of my blog ;-; (i’ll try to post about that soon…) oh! and i got a dog too HAHAHA (that’s probably been the best part tbh). his name is matcha and there’s a photo of him on my instagram if you’re interested! but anyway i just love him to biTs & he really makes me soo bloody happy. it’s been a tiring first semester but the holidays are finally here and that means sLeEpiNg & bLogGinG!!!! (and i’m also trying out for an internship with a professional photographer hehe) as you can tell, i’m really excited about that bc those are two things i don’t do enough but that i really enjoy. LOL i just compared my sleeping habits to my blog,,, ok uhh well, in short i’m still roxanne; i still love dogs and art and photography. and hopefully no amount of school and stress will ever change that. :>

alright- cue the photo spam lmao~~

i know this isn’t too much of a post TT but i just wanted to quickly post something bc i miss blogging & all u friends so muchh!! >< & yeah i’m really glad to be back!!1!!

xx, roxanne

(p.s. hitting the publish button on this gave me so much joy istg. I LOVE BLOGGING omg)

social media links!! where i post (kind-of) aesthetic photos & ramble about my stupid life lmao.

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