creative projects for a long weekend

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gna start off by quickly apologizing for how long i was away from my blog!! >< i had a bunch of exams and tests in the last two weeks, & coupled with the fact that i decided to scrap one of my pending drafted posts, i didn’t really have anything to post ._.  but anyway, i’m back & ready to share new stuff!! yay :>

there was a (reaally) long weekend a while back (when i first started writing this post HAHA), and as a result i’ve been thinking a bit about how to pass the time (apart from plodding through a deluge of homework, that is). having done a little thinking, i thought i’d share what i came up with y’all!

quick photography projects

i’m crazy about photography projects, but of course like many of the other projects i start, they tend to get abandoned for a while due to a very busy schedule. /guilty/ so for long weekends,  i’d make sure i don’t embark on any long/grand ideas, like those that require me to find special venue/s or shoot for many hours.

some ideas would be like a walk around your garden or neighbourhood with your camera (bring your friends and family too for extra fun & bonding!! heh), or photos in your room with some weird lighting (maybe at night by the light of your phone’s flashlight, or the super early morning sunshine that you normally sleep through)

if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also embark on a short film!!  begin the filming & edit it during the course of the weekend. but i’d say not to film more than 5-10 minutes of footage, because any more than that is probably gonna use up more time that you have (and unfinished projects = dissatisfied people! lmao)

a special weekend journal

suure, maybe a year long journalling project might seem terribly daunting, but four to five days?? idk but for me it definitely feels much more manageable :>

you can experiment with a new style of journaling (like bullet journaling haha), or kickstart your organizational habit over the weekend. a while ago i did a school holiday journal that was probably one of the best decisions i’d ever had in a long time (bc my life is actually one long chain of poor decisions lol). i find that journalling really helps to keep track of what’s going on & it makes you feel so much more productive and fulfilled!!

also, you’ll have lots of cute memories to look back on :> so i’d especially recommend this if you’re going places during the long weekend (like a roadtrip / short vacation) or if you have many plans!!

prepping cards for the rest of the year

HAHAH i love this idea so much, honestly. & i mean, it’s actually kind of smart?!

i’ve never done this before, but still i would probably give it a try when i’m next able to. basically, you make a list of all the cards you need for the rest of the year (or like, maybe the next six months, if you’re a really social person!!) & then sit down for a good few hours to get all of them done!

i find that cards are best written a few days before the actual occasion, so for this “card prep” i would suggest just making the cards (bc diy craft ideas are the best! heh) & then storing them for when the time comes around. of course, if you prefer to just write the messages now then go ahead & do that too!

in short, this just saves you a lot of time and effort & it also keeps you organized, so you don’t end up forgetting someone’s birthday or anniversary (and rushing out a last-minute card).

a collection/book of sketches

(if you’re into drawing, that is!) i think it’s a really cute idea to get yourself a blank notebook and just bring it around with you during the long weekend. take it out every time you’re waiting for stuff to happen or travelling, and just make little sketches! they can be of stuff around or just things that come to mind… it’s really up to you, but in general just practice drawing.

it’ll be really nice to look back on your page/s of drawings at the end of the long weekend, and it’s useful for when you don’t have a huuge continuous block of time but you do have small lapses of free time here and there. (that sentence barely makes sense but you know what i meaN)

an anthology of creative stuff

hehe this isn’t really so much a creative project as just a creative sort of… hunt (?!), where you kinda poke around the internet for inspiring poems, webpages, zines or other materials!! this may not seem like the most creative of things to do, but trust me – it can be really helpful when the time comes for a big creative project & you’re feeling uninspired :/

you can make a hardcopy moodboard, or just put stuff together on a pinterest board. whatever works for you, actually! i like to send links to myself on telegram tbh HAHA.

also, this might be cool to do with friends!! like to compile a bunch of links and stuff that fits your collective aesthetic 🙂 it would be a really fun & also ~sorta productive~ way to spend an afternoon or two.

((riight so i’m writing this post conclusion in school rn HAHA bc i’m that short on time to blog yoo ><)) but yeah!!1! that’s about it for the suggestions. the long weekend that i had in mind when i wrote this has long since passed (lol) but i’m sure i’ll be referring back to this post when another one comes around :> & i hope you do too!!

thanks for reading & once again, for putting up with my hiatus :’) hehe

xx, roxanne

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