themed illustrations: perennial sadness

perennial sadness.png

i was feeling a little meh the other day & couldn’t exactly sleep, & since i realized i haven’t done one of these themed illustration round-up posts in some time, i figured i’d start drawing some new stuff again!

obviously my mood at that point in time kind of affected my creative output, so i apologize beforehand if some (or all) of these seem pretty emotional & lowkey depressing,, tbh i have my own personal mental struggles & i don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, which is probably why i’m sharing these today. but in general, i hope you’ll be able to look beyond the content/words & also just appreciate the art as it is!

(disclaimer before this post begins: the formatting of the photos is strangely iffy & i can’t seem to get wordpress to get it right .-. so i’m sorry about that! but i hope you can still enjoy the graphics all the same lol.)

like always, with each drawing i’ve added a small explanation / a lil bit of background information just so it makes more sense & doesn’t seem so ambiguous (i hope, at least!!)

i’ve chosen the phrase “perennial sadness” to encapsulate this whole page of illustrations – because perennial means enduring & repetitive. i think that’s probably one of the most apt ways i’ve ever been able to describe my low moods? bc they’re not exactly constant, but they sure are (quite frequently) reoccuring and they seem to just keep coming back.

i really like this ribbon thing hehe :> (fun fact though,, i had to reference an online clip art photo bc i just can’t draw ribbons for my life,, lmao)



next up is this small sketch of a sighing (??) girl, along with some pretty sad words :/ lmao it’s not representative of me or anything HAHA, just that general feeling of giving up, especially when the sad feelings seems… idk, lasting & oppressive.

aha, mixing in some typography here!! in case you can’t read the words HAHAH, it says “the breathlessness of suffocating sadness”.

very often, when i’m sad, i feel like it’s not just my mental self, but also my physical state is gets affected? sometimes i’ll feel like out of breath or as if my chest is really achy, & so this illustration is kind of inspired by that.

i think we’re all pretty familiar with the saying “when life gives you lemons… make lemonade”, but in the spirit of all things depressing (!! yay!! LMAO) i’ve kind of put an ironic twist on it in this illustration? bc obviously, you can’t make lemonade without lemons.


tbh i wasn’t really thinking very hard when i wrote this, but i realize now that this can also be taken to represent life’s inescapable and unsalvageable circumstances pretty well,, oops.

this one’s is pretty self-explanatory!! y’know how rain is often a symbol for sadness & stuff,,, so yeah, i guess to me, perennial sadness is comparable to an endless rain storm 😦

(completely unrelated fun fact #2 of this post: i rlyrlyrly hate rain like A LOT lmao)

uhm welp this one’s kind of close to my heart,, ?? i think it says all i needs to say & there isn’t much for me to explain but,,, yeah. sometimes when you’re really sad, you get to this point of awkward numbness where crying is somehow not an option anymore. & that’s when you’ll strangely wish you could actually cry for once (bc carthetisis is important!!1! damn)

& last but not least!! this is my absolute favourite illustration out of the whole bunch!!



it’s inspired by an equally morose sticker that i bought a while back HAHAH. basically, it’s that lil conversation that kind of happens when people are trying to reach in & pull you out of the mire, but yet you’re so caught up in your own thoughts & struggles that it’s even difficult to see/hear them?

it’s easy to get rly blindsided by your own inner feelings & then just instinctively shut out the rest of the world, which i guess isn’t all that great when others are actually trying to reach out to you. meh 😦

aanywayy, that’s a wrap! :>

final product!! i’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂

omg hope that wasn’t too depressing or personal or anything. don’t feel bad or accosted by this post, okay!! it’s just really what came to my mind that night & for the sheer artistic value of it, i decided to share it it :> xx

this post wouldn’t be complete without delving into the deeper emotional issues present here, so i guess i’m gonna have to briefly touch them. (whoops) yes it’s true, i actually don’t really live a very happy life & sometimes things seem really bleak. i’m not 100% comfortable with putting it all out on my blog, but i think i’ll let the drawings speak for themselves?? there’s a lot going on in my life right now & even though it’s hard to properly process it all, very often things rly do feel hopeless & sucky as hell.

i’m sorry especially if you can relate to any of these sentiments – be it in the illustrations or my words,, but just want you all to know that no matter how lasting the sadness feels, you are not alone :’) & yes, it will pass.

i still struggle with the dark thoughts & all this perennial sadness really often, but i’m trying my best not to give in & to keep fighting to get better. so please hang in there & feel free to email/contact me if you need anything!! i’m trying to be present & help as many people as i can xx. much love hehe :>

xx, roxanne

(p.s. you can see more themed illustrations (& lol sometimes emotional rambles) over hereee :> bc why not, am i right?! heh.)

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One thought on “themed illustrations: perennial sadness

  1. chasingsakina says:

    It’s getting quite late where I am and I’ve currently caught a cold but reading this, funnily enough, made me so happy ❤ firstly, because you updated!!! secondly, because this was such a detailed yet beautifully simple and deep post all at once 😭. thirdly, because you touched on very important and incredibly relevant topics. fourthly, because you inspired me with your creativity (i’m awful at art but I do love it and seeing your mini sketches made me want to try making a few of my own too🙈✨) and fifth, because it made me admire you all the more for being so brave with sharing not just your words but things personal to you too and for offering to help others despite struggling with things too! It only further illustrates how beautiful a soul you truly have and for that I pray + hope you find the happiness and love you deserve ~ may things get better for you too and may you find strength when you least expect to find it 💕 lots of love 🌸


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