frozen flower photography

frozen flower photos.png

super excited to share this project today!! it’s actually something we did during school but i rlyrly enjoyed it & i was pretty satisfied with the photos that came out of it too, so i decided i’d do a quick post on them! (also bc i haven’t posted in wayy too long :<)

for these photos, we froze a bunch of flowers in water overnight HAHA & then photographed the resulting blocks of ice. the results were legit the coolest (pun not intended) & prettiest things ever!! :>

admittedly the colours are kind of bright & don’t fit my aesthetic, the photos are almost all horizontal, and the flower petals look like disembodied blobs of red and yellow?? bUt oh well, regardless of that i’ve (tried to) put everything together into a collage, so here it is!

frozen flower photog.png

yep i did warn you about how eye-scarring that collage was going to be HAHAHAH. hopefully i was just kidding there lol 😡 (& hopefully y’all don’t read the bunch of nonsense i wrote at the bottom for the sake of arT)

anyway, i hope you enjoyed this bunch of photos, even if it wasn’t really my normal style or preference. it’s always cool to experiment with new aesthetics i guess, and especially in this case i think freezing flowers is a really novel & ingenious idea. (and i’ll probably give it another shot at home, tho i won’t post anymore photos HAHA)

well, tell me if you give it a try!! i’d love to see what else you can come up with i guess, obviously. :>

xx, roxanne

(p.s. this way for more photography projects!! if ur interested, bc y’know, photography is cool :>)

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