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as promised in the previous post, i’m back with more vision board related stuff! hehe. it feels like it’s only been a short while, but looking back at blog archives, i realized that my vision board has been with me for more than a year now. & until recently, i literally had not changed up any of the decor on it :< oops.

around the end of last year, i decided to do a little ‘new year new decor’ (jk lol) and freshen up my vision board A LOT by completely reorganizing it. it looks 100% different now but that kind of reflects how i’ve changed in terms of creative vision, & i’m rly happy about that!

so here are some pictures of the new thing! being stupid, i forgot to take any “before” photos but i’m sure you can find some random ones floating around on my blog or Instagram,, or maybe this is me just trying to subtly increase my pageviews (HAHAH no i’m just kidding.)

vision board snapshots

something that really influenced my board decor this year is the colour palette/aesthetic that i’m into right now. i try not to pigeonhole myself or anything by declaring it as my “aesthetic of the year”, but i’m genuinely super crazy about it – it’s just that mustard yellow / pale blue feel that i’ve been loving every where!

so in line with this, a lot of the elements on my board are yellow/blue/some kind of complementary colour. i think it holds the different pieces tgt & works really well for me!

stickers from various sources

this here is probably my favourite part of the entire set-up. i had a couple of used sticker sheets leftover & i was just questioning my motives for hoarding them,, when i realized i wanted to put up some rly cute stickers without poking ugly holes in them.

needless to say that sticker paper came in really useful!! i just stuck a bunch of stickers onto them & then pinned each sheet onto the board. i’m crazy over how it turned out omg and i think the best part is i can always reuse the stickers or change them up in the future!

commercially-sourced art or typography prints are also really easy to add to your vision board (& gr8 if you’re feeling lazy HAHA) for me, i’ve put up a print with a quote that i relate tons, & a bunch of baby’s breath bc i’m also rly rly obsessed with tiny flowers :>

print | mint & ordinary 

i’m also glad to say that i finally found a good use for my glossy photo paper. for this part of the vision board, i printed out a photo of some flowers i took last year & then taped it up with washi tape. you can print out your own photos, art, graphics or basically anything pretty that inspires you. the options are endless, really!

this was the only thing i kept from last year, probably bc it’s so functional & also it still fits my aesthetic. i made a small box (??) thing out of a cut milk carton covered in patterned fabric. i use it for putting my pens, random tags & even sunglasses HAHAH so i couldn’t bear to part with it.

finally, this is actually just on the wall so i guess it doesn’t rly count as part of my vision board, but anyway it’s just a cute wall hanging from Kikki.K! it was on discount & duh i lacked adequate self-control HAHAHA, so here it is.

wall hanging | kikki.K

unpictured stuff

2017 is already shaping up to be a very hectic year for me (sigh,,) so having clear goals & working out my direction was a top priority. i wrote down all the important stuff & pinned up the entire list on my vision board! that way i can literally read & repeat my priorities to myself every day. (sometimes when i’m spacing out while doing homework i’ll look up at it & be like “oh! riiight”.)

i didn’t photograph that bc it’s quite personal but i think you can vaguely get an idea of what that would have looked like.

also, if you’re having problems filling up space, i recommend adding small stickers or even hanging up keychains!! this way you won’t have to make so many bits & pieces but you can still add pretty stuff to your vision board.

another thing that i’ve put up this year is a couple of life tips?? or advice from my family members. for me, trying to be a better person is a pretty big deal so if there’s any advice on that, i’m all for internalizing it or giving it a shot. you can actually just write down any quotes or things you want to remind yourself to strive towards, & just pin it to your vision board too!

welp, i hope this post has given you a couple more ideas on what to add to your vision board. i know mine’s not perfect / the best / anything, but hopefully this sharing was kind of constructive. sorry for this post being a bit messy & VERY LATE; i love u all so much for reading until here hehe & thanks for everything. i’ll write again real soon~

xx, roxanne

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