diy birthday zine

diy birthday zine present.png

yo so my friend’s bday was a while back & having just met up with her to pass her the present, i thought i’d write a post about how i made it!!

apart from some other presents, i made her a small zine – which included photos (of us lmao), cats (!! because she loves them hehe), and a couple of nice poetic quotes that i chose.

what you’ll need //

• A4/A3 paper

• pens/pencils

• printed photos/graphics (i printed some photos of us & cats!!)

• washi tape

• things to write inside (i made a list but i guess you can be quite spontaneous with this?? but yeah this can help with organization)

how to make //

1. make a blank zine template to fill with your content.

for this, i used this tutorial from easy mag (vol. 1), but you can always just search up how to make a zine! there are a ton of similar tutorials online hahah

2. make a cover / write a introduction

mine just says birthday zine, with a drawing of a rose (to fill up that empty space HAHA)

on the inside, for the first page i’ve pasted cut-outs of watercolour cats & written a quick note!

3. continue to fill up the zine!!

since this is your zine after all, it’s literally up to you?? (& i threw a couple of photos of how i did mine below just for some ideas hehe)

in general, just let your ~creative juices~ flow & fill the pages with pretty stuff that suits the recipient of your zine!!


whew! & that’s about it!! i can’t post much more photos bc the zine i made does contain some pretty personal stuff. but yeah it’s actually darn easy & in my opinion it turns out as a rly adorable personalized gift.

i probably wouldn’t even mind receiving it myself HAHA. also, you can use this similar zine template to make even more zines for yourself, to filled with themed art projects, advocating for an issue, or poetic writings of some sort. the content ideas are endless tbh!!

anyway, as usual i hope you found this diy birthday gift idea helpful & give it a try sometime!! (tell me if you do, ofc) 🙂

xx, roxanne

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