2017 thoughts & goals

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omg ??? how??? 2017 is actually a thing like, right now. asdfghjkl ok byE. i’m writing this while printing out next year’s class timetable, making folders that start with the prefix “2017-“, and scribbling new important dates down in my planner. idk, it just seems way too real rn.

anyway, apart from all that, i thought i’d take a lil time to type out my thoughts / goals for the new year, especially all the blog related ones. here they are!


i started out this section with trying to write about my shock & ?! feelings at how quickly 2017 came upon us, but i soon ended up deleting it bc i honestly have been – expecting? or anticipating, at least – 2017 for pretty long. how weird is that?

i guess it’s because this will be my last year in this school & apart from the pressure (more like absolute horror, tbh) of being a senior, there’s also the important exams & a lot more responsibilities. it’s led me to feel like 2017 is gonna be a colossally busy & packed year, & in some senses it’s that sort of expectation that doesn’t make the arrival of the new year as much of a icy shock. idk what i’m saying HAHA hopefully it makes sense.

i’m worried for this year but i guess it’s just that general fear of the unknown future,,, so not rly based upon anything in particular. i like the magic of new beginnings so i guess i just have to trust that & also think of this new year as a clean slate for me to get better at all things life. lmao.

also, writing down stuff always helps me to process it better so i decided to add a couple of my goals for next year!! probably gonna flop most of them as usual, but a little direction & aim in life is always useful, i guess.



blog // 

• post once a week (apart from exam season)

i tried to post 10 times in december, & although i didn’t entirely managed to accomplish it :< i did rly push my limits & get a lot of posts scheduled,, so yeah, more pushing myself this year!! yay.

• share more personal projects (even if i’m creatively unsure about them)

i actually do a lot of extra art work & also writing hehe apart from what i post on my blog, so i thought it’d be cool to share more of them. also, it means having more post content HAHAH lmao.

• shoot & edit my photos consistently

instagram themes have always been rly big for me (HAHAH look at my feed rn) but i’ve been feeling pretty apprehensive about the whole thing recently, so hopefully i’ll be able to work on it & sort it out in the coming year.

• put more of my thoughts into words & actually write about them

this is mostly self explanatory. moving onnnn

school // 

(i’ve got wayy too many for school bc it’s such a big part of my life so i’ve cut the list a bit short)

• study more & raise my grade point average :<

• take notes in all my classes

• stop falling asleep (HAHAHA omg sorry to the subjects that i dislike,,,)

personal life // 

• be more adventurous!! (like trying new food & activities & stuff like that)

• read more books & magazines

• focus on what’s rly important in life (rather than worrying about the inconsequential stuff)

aand that’s all i’ve got for goals so far. i try not to set too many expectations bc i’d rather not end up falling short & feeling disappointed. i’ll probably be making action plans / more detailed directions for these goals, but at least for now i’ve got some idea of what to strive towards.

here’s hoping this year goes good & i can get most of these done. (hehe who doesn’t?)

finally, here’s a really big important section of my 2016 roundup post!!

all the gratitudinous stuff!!


raaandom photooo lol

yes, i know i did write a little about this in my previous post… but i figured i’d expand more on it here, because i seriously have so much to say HAHA.

basically, blogging is actually a hugely important part of my life, so in the same way anyone who reads my blog is hellaa important & precious to me. :> so, obviously a massive af thank you from me to you, for taking time to read my smatterings of words & the graphics that i try to pass off at artistic attempts. (lol)

i’ve never thought highly of the stuff i produce but somehow there always seems to be people out there who do,, which i guess is craZy. how?? why?? ok. 

whether or not i know you in person, it’s heartening & madly touching to read comments & feedback on this platform. & it always makes my days a lot more magical (pun not really intended, i probably just use the word too much AHAHA.)

(also, i hit 500 followers on instagram a while back?? it may be only like, half a thousand, but i honestly freaked out lolol. why do people care about my weird photography & overly white feed?? idk. but tHANK YOU. OMG.)

this year’s been really wild & confusing for me, from irritatingly long hiatuses from the blogging world (thanks, exams), to creative blocks / uncertainty… and as stupidly cheesy as it sounds, i somehow find myself always coming back to blogging all the same. there’s something magical (look I DID IT AGAIN LMAO) about throwing out my ideas onto the keyboard, letting my words spill into this lil internet space & sharing thoughts and images of all sorts with you all. thank you for making blogging so much fun & such an addictive hobby for me!! legit. yall make all the difference between this being a blog & it being just word document of the insides of my brain.

idk what the coming year holds for my blog & me (& all of us, tbh), but i guess mysteries & adventures are cool in themselves. so thanks for being part of my 2016, & ‘leggo 2017 !!! BRING IT oN

xx, roxanne

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