christmas photo diary

christmas photo diary 2016.png

hohoho! well i hope everyone had a rly lovely holiday or 25th of december, whatever it is that you celebrate or do on that day. i’ve never actually been very big on this whole holiday thing, but idk this year i just rly got into it??? (probably after watching too much vlogmas,,, lol the power of youtube)

soo anyway i decided to do an edit of everything christmassy from this year, from the pre-festive shopping (ok mainly bc i took photos of so many cute things i could not afford,,,) to the actual day feasting & traditional stuff.

regardless of whether you celebrate it or not i think this is just pretty cute to look at hehe. give it a scroll! :>




personally this christmas was a bit different for me, bc i don’t normally buy presents for my family. but this year i ended up buying a few small things & idk it was actually a rly nice experience seeing others open their presents. so yeah, rly excited to do that again next year!!

i know everyone does christmas differently so yeah, whatever it is, i seriously hope your day was spent in a magical & lovely way too!!

also, i don’t know if i’ll be able to post again before 2017 (it’s like <48 hours rn & i’m freaking out.) so i just wanted to say thank you so muCh for reading this blog & being part of 2016. honestly it’s rly mindblowing & cool to have actual human beings reading my silly thoughts & looking at the weird bits of photography & drawings that i call art. big ol’ thankewss to everyone of you for gracing my blog!! legit. yall r so raad.

i’ll probably ramble more about gratitude & next year in another post (knowing me,, lol), but for now i hope you enjoyed this post… & see u in the new year!!

xx, roxanne

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