travel photo diary: cruise edition

travel photo diary cruise.png

ehh, ruefully fighting creative dissatisfaction with this 

hehe, well i’m super excited to be writing this!! recently i went on a cruise around south-east asia (which is near where i live ahaha) & of course a lot of photo taking was involved.

so just like after my japan trip, i decided to do a collage/edit thing, kind of like a photo diary!! yay. admittedly i’m not 100% satisfied with some of the graphics (sigh creative slump problems) but yep i decided to share it anyway.

final cruise photo diary.png

& that’s the collage!!

i’m afraid the photos don’t completely colour coordinate tbh :/ still going through a bit of that creative confusion/slump/questioning but anyway i guess i tried 😛 & i think it’s always cool to have a photo edit around to help me remember the highlights of the trip. so i hope you enjoyed it too!!

xx, roxanne

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