things i’ve done this school holiday

things to do during school holiday.png

(lol pretentious title.) it feels like i’ve been taking wayy too many photos these days? not that i really mind HAHA, but anyway. i realized i might as well post them, & as a kind of follow up to this post.

ahem. soo this is what i’ve been up to this school holiday so far! (excluding the flopping around, existential crises, trying to do work but falling asleep instead, etc.)

i. lots of photoshoots & reading

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.32.23 am.png

since i don’t normally have much time during the school term to work on blog photos & read, one of my goals for this holiday was to do more of both of those things! i’ve been trying to invest more time in my interests in the hopes of a vague sense self-improvement HAHA.

ii. trying new food

this is a photo of tea-flavoured creme puffs? if i’m not wrong. haven’t tried them yet but yess they’ve been added to my (ever-growing) list of food places to try. 

i’ve been struck by a sudden obsession with cute cafes, matcha/lavender flavours, & in general hunting down strange obscure shops for food?? so far i’ve gone to a fancy food fair, queued for the opening of a new character cafe HAHA & planned a ton of food trips! not bad i guess,, (except for my wallet)

iii. walking more & exploring new parts of town

ngl, i’m pretty guilty of complaining that there’s nothing to do where i live,, otl :< so this holidays i thought i’d spend a bit more time exploring new areas of the country which i’m not really familiar with (and of course taking photos of those places too hehe). it may be small but i’ve actually found many new locations so far!

iv. a lil bit of shopping
Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.20.29 pm.png

note that it’s not a lot because i’m one of those rly cheapskate people who can’t spend much money w/o feeling terribly guilty HAHA : x. i did get a bit of clothes shopping done though, just tops & a sweater (& now i’ve vowed to stay off shopping for some time to make up for my expenses lol)

welp, i know this is a pretty short post but yeah i just wanted an excuse to share some photos HAHA & update my blog! before i go overseas for a short stint 😀 (& if you’re wondering, this post was scheduled. yes i’m so proud of myself HAHA i never manage to schedule things honestly)

anyway, hope this ramble didn’t bore you too much lmao & thanks for taking a scroll :> happy holidays!!1!

xx, roxanne

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4 thoughts on “things i’ve done this school holiday

  1. Sandeep Beep says:

    High 5 to scheduling a post! I dream of the day when I’m so organised that I can do that hehe.
    I love your photography by the way. Do you edit a lot of your pictures afterward or are they originally that awesome? Question: Is that book any good? (the photography one)


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