lettering with tombow brushpens

tombow brushpens review thing.png

the mere title of this post makes me excited tbh!! admittedly, it’s not going to be very heavy on the words but it is filled with lots of photos!

hand-lettering photos, that is 🙂 i recently FINALLY got my smol pAws on two tombow markers… & then a lot of fancy hand-lettering happened.

CAN I JUST SAY. I LOVE TOMBOWS. they have like the most flexible tips ever & rly nice colours that don’t bleed excessively *_* goals. oK getting on to the photos now ahaha

firstly i got a pale purple (??) pen so this is what it looks like in action heh

galaxy-related words bc why not,,

added small stars with the finer tip, just to fill up the empty space lol

and here’s the other colour that i got! it’s a medium gray.

bread themed!! bc i’m a hardcore bread loving girl hoho

mhm i know this is a pretty short post but yeah i just felt the need to share my love for the new brushpens HAHAH. hopefully it gives you a little inspiration on how to use your brushpens too, regardless of the brand!! (ok but i for one know i’m going to be buying many more tombows very soon lol)

xx, roxanne

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6 thoughts on “lettering with tombow brushpens

  1. Meg says:

    Oh my gosh I just love your writing so much! I’ve just started brush lettering and I use the Tombow brush pens too 🙂 I’m actually hosting a Hand Lettering Challenge if you’d be interested in joining…?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. roxanne says:

    aww thank you!! coming from someone who’s lettering i admire a lot ahaha :’)
    mhm yes they are so freaking expensive?! but yeah they are rly rly good & so i would recommend buying one or two if you can (maybe ask for them for christmas?? ehehe)

    xx, roxanne


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