themed illustrations – ‘sweater weather”

illustrations - sweater weather.png

hmm, something a little more light-hearted than my usual cynical musings? maybe,, idk ahaha

anyway it’s kind of approaching the end of the year (first of december??? ok whAt) & all that wintery stuff. where i live it’s clearly never going to get anywhere near that cold, but all the same i’ve always had a bit of an obsession with cold weather. which i guess led to this lil sketch!!

this page is entitled sweater weather; it’s self-explanatory so yep! i’ll just leave you with the photos for now.

because hoodies & space buns?? lol

boots!! tried to make them look shiny by colouring with a brush pen. (idk the logic tho)

it’s finished!! this set of illustrations are more closely packed tbh (idk why though)

(& here are a couple of close-ups of the finished piece! ngl i love it)

as usual, i hope this post was ~visually interesting~ & a bit of art inspiration. (is it just me or these photos are dimmer than usual,,??)

ngl i am still going through a bit (a lot tbh) of mental mess so thanks for putting up with me friends!! and also just a little update, i plan to post ten (10?!!1!) times this month (ikr ridiculous) so wish me luck i guess 😮 & look out for a lot more content coming your wayy.

p.s. any post ideas would be greatly appreciated bc i am not v good with the inspiration thing lol

xx, roxanne

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