museum trips & cool lighting

photography trip to the museum.png

yes that’s me HAHAHA | photo creds to my friend!! tq

gonna share this lil bunch of photos today!! this was from when i took part in this photomarathon thingo, during which my friend & i ended up in the national museum taking some completely unrelated photos but having a rly rad time 🙂

hehe it’s really very random but hopefully kind of visually interesting! (i feel like i always say that?? lol)

museum trip edit.png

sigh,, i’d admit that this has been a comparatively hard week for me creatively? like i’ve been feeling kind of ensconced in this rut of old ideas and repetitive project styles, and sort of struggling to break out of it. i’d take out my art materials & my head would kind of scream at me to not bother because everything i’ve been creating just feels so,,, idk, tired? & tbh i feel like my art direction has fallen a bit off course and i can’t quite navigate and direct it back to wherever it should be. ????

meh. if i have to be completely honest with myself, i’m not completely happy with the edit i made today? i guess i feel like it could be better but yet i’m not too sure how. & i don’t think i should ever be uploading projects that i’m not entirely satisfied with onto my blog, but here i am,, ack it’s so problematic.

guess going with my personal beliefs i’ve been forcing myself to create stuff because the only other option would be to dwell in this void of inspiration & stagnant? hopefully this clears up & i can get back to making stuff i 110% adore v soon!! & sorry for the random brain dump at the bottom of the post; thanks for bearing with me. :>

xx, roxanne

p.s. much thanks to my friend for accompanying me on this spontaneous trip (which yielded a lot of nice photos) i had way too much fun 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “museum trips & cool lighting

  1. Daydreamer says:

    Whoa I love all these photos here. Maybe you aren’t satisfied with it, but your followers are 🙂 keep creating! personally I love seeing the new posts pop up in my inbox

    Liked by 1 person

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