phone wallpapers // fruits with flash

phone wallpapers fruits.png

this post took way longer than it should’ve, but yes – wallpapers are back!! i know they’ve been a little more sporadic & not so frequent recently?? but i’ve gotten a lot of feedback (oK more like just one person but still) that you guys still quite like the wallpapers i used to post?

so i thought i’d make a couple more!! hehe. these are kind of inspired/based-on the recent photo series i did, involving flash photography & fruits (–> that you can see here HAHA)

i’m not too sure how much anyone would like to have a bunch of fruits as their phone or desktop wallpaper tbh but i personally would use these,,, so i guess,, enjoy!! AHAHA

there are three different designs, and as usual links to download will be at the bottom of this post 🙂 [& they’re only for personal use, as usual]

and uhh, sorry in advance for the terrible photo quality. i’ve been a complete mess this week & stupidly set the wrong file setting for my dslr ;-; smh


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


xx, roxanne

links to download

first (pears) | second (oranges) | third (banana)

p.s. in case you missed it, here’s the link to the original post (aGAIN)

social media links!! i actually check these super regularly ok so gO SAY HI ;>

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