13 online magazines / zines to read

creative magazines to read copy.jpg

(that’s kinfolk by the way, one of my favourite hardcopy magazines!!) 

friends, i have officially found my new obsession: online magazines & e-zines!! 😀 & god am i obsessed HAHAH. i’ve been reading a lot of such small (smol) publications recently ever since the holidays started, & although i started out a bit skeptical (since i’m actually very much of a hardcopy person), i’ve gradually become rly rly addicted to them.

i guess it’s cool that they’re super nice, visually appealing & aLso FREE?? AND i’ve discovered so many new creatives i’ve never seen before through reading. it’s also fun to read those created by the people i follow on instagram! so today i thought i’d put together a lil roundup of some of my favs to spread the appreciation for these things!! heh 🙂

i started this as a quick list of 5 but as you can see from the title, it quickly spiralled into 13 magazines (and there’s even more i haven’t listed??) but i think that’s just a testament to my love for online publications HAHAH.

wtf man.png

1. local wolves | 2. easy magazine | 3. rookie magazine

4. eclectic society | 5. wander 6. 205 dpi

creative online magazines 2.png

7. the eye creative | 8. armour magazine | 9. teo magazine  

10. absorb magazine | 11. kaleo journal | 12. mimp magazine | 13. nude magazine

lol i think i got a little lost in the realm of magazines while hunting around for these, but in a good way of course.

anyway- now go feast your eyes on the pretty images & lovely words of all the online magazines / zines!! i hope this infects you too with the love of these publications HAHA :p & if you’ve got more to recommend, plsss comment below! i need more reading material, lol. (thanks in advance because i’ll never have enough HAHA)

xx, roxanne

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