making a school holiday journal

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it’s a bit insane to be typing this but the fact is,, i’ve been on holiday for almost three weeks now?? which means like, 21 days without school?? idk i find that rly terrifying. it might seem a bit weird but i actually don’t mind school that much? i mean, i hATE exams but i’m pretty okay with studying/the general routine of school, so being at home all day kind of throws me off course.

i was talking this over with a friend the other day & then a rly good idea hit me!! i’ve since decided to do a little holiday journal thing – where i basically write down what i did every day of the holidays & add a few tangible bits from certain days (where applicable i guess) so i don’t lose track of the days & feel rly lost without school.

i thought i’d share the making of that school holiday journal today!! it’s been great fun to make so far & i’m very excited about what more i could add to it.

and it’s a lovely constructive way to pass your time, be it on any school break, holiday or vacation thingo <– i realize those words are all kind of synonymous LOL

(oh and uhh if you’re wondering why some of the words in the photos seems to be missing it’s been blanked out because my journal is pretty private ahaha sorry) 

what you’ll need:

  • a notebook of any sort
  • markers, highlighters, pens – any kind of writing tools
  • tape, glue or any other adhesives (i used washi tape and paper clips!! but literally any thing can work)
  • calendar/planner (optional; this is good if you’re going to write down stuff that’s already passed)
  • photos/cards/tags/receipts (this is the precious stuff!! think of them as little artifacts in your journal heh)

how to make:

1. grab an appropriately sized journal & decorate the cover!

1 diy holiday journal cover.jpg

i found this rly old notebook but i love that it is hardcover. decorating is optional but i simply labelled it as my 2016 holiday journal?? idk just for organizational purposes i guess; but feel free to go all out with your decorations or anything.

(unfortunately it’s from so long ago idk where i got it anymore?? but it was probably daiso! in case you’re wonderingg)

i also wrote a small introduction inside, but of course this is really very optional lol.

4 prelude of journal b.jpg

2. start adding dates to your journal.

9 labelling journal dates.jpg

this is once again up to personal preference; for me, i don’t really do much each day so 1-2 pages per week mostly sufficed.(you can always do it day by day tho)

2-holiday-journal-tabs-a   2-holiday-journal-tabs-b

i used these ridiculously cute dog adhesive notes to mark out each week in the journal, and then titled each page with the week. the rest of the page is separated into individual days, & i write about each day below the header. it’s quite self-explanatory & basic tbh

5 flipping journal pages.jpg

3. record each day’s happenings!!

6-week-one   7-week-two


yes, you read right. pokemon go HAHAH

each day, i just take some time to write down what happened, be it meeting a friend, going out for lunch, or just staying at home & slacking (& subsequently regretting my life decisions,,, lol)

at this point it may be helpful to refer to your phone’s calendar app or your planner/diary to recall what was done each day. & especially since the holidays ended a while back, i couldn’t fully remember everything ;-; so yep do this give this a try if you’re faced with a similar problem.

(side note: i felt like some sort of historian while doing this?? HAHAHAH)

4. add the tangible stuff.

10 journal bits.jpg

i call these artifacts?? but that is probably a misnomer HAHAH. simply put it’s just like tags or namecards or receipts or any small bits & pieces from each day!!

11-cafe-name-cards-a   11-cafe-name-cards-b

for example, above are some cards i collected while cafe hopping & visiting bookshops recently!

12 adding daily artifacts b.jpg   13 washi tape!.jpg

i used ziplock bags and washi tape or paperclips to attach them to the pages of the respective day that i collected it and i think it kind of helps with remembering the things you did & it’s also rly cute.

(note – this will make your journal rly thick, sO BE PREPARED.)

5. finally – read / admire your journal!!

i think it’s rly important not to forget the original purpose of making your holiday journal; that is to document the days & note down the memories. so do remember to flip through it frequently & (hopefully) kind of relive those moments?? if that makes any sense.

by the way – just look at how thick my journal ended up being,,, after two ziplock bags of stuff,, I CAN’T WAIT TO ADD MORE HAHAHA.

17-finished-product-a   17-finished-product-b

(i was legit squeezing my journal together in this photo ok it’s just too thick lol)

anyway! i hope this gives you some idea on how to spend your school holidays more productively, or at least not forget all the fun you’ve had over those few weeks/months. at least i know what i’ll be busy with until next year, HAHAHA. (i’m so excited to fill up my journal, srsly.)

xx, roxanne

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3 thoughts on “making a school holiday journal

  1. hannahswifi says:

    This is such a fascinating idea but I’m probably going to be too lazy to actually commit to writing in the journal ;-; As always, love seeing your posts and can’t wait for more ^-^


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