flash photography with fruits

flash photography with fruits.png

i don’t know- maybe it’s just me, but i think compared to natural lighting, flash photography often gets a bad rap for how it looks unnatural and washes stuff out,, etc.

but (!!) i was recently watching vsco academy, & they had this really cool video about using flash at night & my brain just went /whew what about we try that/ HAHAHAHA so here are the products of that experiment :> nyoom

introduction – it’s a bunch of fruits photographed with flash in a rly dark room at night (ok actually early morning lol). i’ve been trying to channel a sort of artificial/surreal feel with it, & i’m kind of imagining it as a haul of a midnight grocery shopping trip??? idk where i got such an idea HAHA but yep that’s what i was thinking when i put it together.

along the way it kind of evolved into having a rainbow/glitch theme too – don’t ask me why tbh HAHA but yeah that’s the overall unifying theme for the whole edit.

fruits with flash_1.png

fruits with flash_2.png

i’m immensely satisfied & lowkey impressed HAHA with how it turned out tbh!! like for me the editing & the flash & the fruits all just comes together rly nicely. in fact i’m actually thinking of turning some of these into wallpapers?? idk what do yall want hehe

anyway this project turned out just as i imagined, so i’m glad to say this shoot has effectively altered my negative perception of using flash in photos. and hopefully it’s done the same for you!

(p.s. pls leave your thoughts about flash photography below!! i gotta know ahaha)

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