4 reasons to read your old blog posts

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a while back (this is a damn old post draft oKk bear with me) i was re-reading through some of my old posts on this blog & feeling super duper nostalgic… IDK i think it’s a niice feeling.

re-reading your old posts is actually something i think all bloggers should try out, because there’s really so much merit in it (which i will, of course, elaborate on in this post! yay)

pfft also lord knows i love to write reflections & stuff so that will just make up the majority of this post! & to break up the monotony of the endless stream of words… i’ve added a few random flatlays / recent photographs. you’re welcome. 🙂

moving on! here’s why i think re-reading old blog posts is a rly good idea.


reading old content.jpg

me = a sucker for observing growth!!

and as you’ve probably already noticed in my post a kind of long time ago,,, i like to make observations about my writing /blogging style. yet rn i’m still not too sure why it’s has progressed and evolved so rapidly over time. but with all that said, it is really weird but also nice to re-read old posts and just note changes.

for me i guess it intriguing to see how things are changing creatively, and heY sometimes i even end up gleaning things from posts, like things you realize on hindsight. orrr it could also be an ego boost lol if you’ve felt you improved since then (i’m just saying. lmao)

reflecting on things in general makes me feel extremely fulfilled so i guess that’s where the appeal for re-reading old posts stems from.


rereading old blog posts.jpg

elaborating a little more on what i said above, when you re-read old posts you’re kind of forced to look at your old writing and creating style. & sometimes you’ll pick up things along the way!

whether it’s something you did back then that on hindsight is clearly a bad idea (like idk shameless promotion or something oOps), or even things you used to do that you’ve phased out but should totally be a part of what you do (for me that might be making freebies & stuff,, eh). you get the idea!

it’s essentially whole new learning experience from your own self, so if you’re looking to improve & stuff like that, i think re-reading a pretty good place to start!


rereading old posts is entertaining.jpg

heh this sounds so good from the header but it’s actually a pretty straight-forward idea,, legit.

basically, as you’re reading old posts you’ll probably pick up on a few trends / ideas you can build on, and develop posts from there! in all honesty i actually read my old posts when i’m going through creative slumps because for me it’s a really quick way to gather a couple more ideas.

plus!! you can also examine what worked & what didn’t & build on new ideas from there :> also, if you’re struggling with coming up with new ideas from your old content, one thing i like to do is to try to revise an series – e.g. if i’ve written a holiday gift guide for last year i might do one again this time (cough look at that subtle link) – or you can also use your old posts to realign with your blog’s niche – e.g. i get reminded that i can write about inspiration & other blogging tips like this when i read my blog again!

(^that was an extremely long sentence but i hope it made sense haha)


getting inspiration from yourself.jpg

HAHAHAHA ok but this is the best part man!! because ngl what’s more entertaining than your past self trying to act cool?? (nothing.) 

no, really. i can seriously laugh non-stop (or lowkey cry) at the stupid way i used to write or the terrible quality of photos & edits i used to make. (which is all in good fun, y’know… at least i hope it is. :/ )

point being, it can be pretty darn amusing to look back at the way you used to write / the kind of things you posted about on your blog, & this is especially true if you’ve been blogging for a rly long time!

i’ve only been blogging for over a year & already i die a little inside when i read my archives,,, so i can only imagine,, HAHAHA. i’m full of self-depreciating humour but generally i think there’s a certain level of comical nostalgia in re-reading what you wrote a long time ago, or even a while back.

aand that’s my rationale behind re-reading old blog posts. hopefully this gives you some insight & maybe even changes your mind 🙂 who knows?!

i’m rly curious tho so if you’re a blogger pls tell me in the comments below whether you re-read your old stuff!! (i don’t normally ask for comments ok but i’m just hoping i’m not the only one who does it lolol)

xx, roxanne

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