themed illustrations – ‘growing up’


yo time to share another collection of themed illustrations! these were inspired by turning 15 & having another birthday & stuff, so they’re a bit of a tangible manifestation of the ambivalent thoughts i had towards growing up!

(and i’ve tried to explain them a little in the captions hehe)

p.s. sorry for the terribly inconsistent editing style lol i’m still trying to work out filters & all that stuff,, acK

a quick summary of the exploration of growing up as a theme. i guess for me birthdays are both like a celebration & commemoration of having survived another year, but there’s also a lot of room for contemplation of the following issues, like- did i do enough this year?? what now?? (etc.)

this one’s probably my favourite illustration of the whole page. it’s supposed to be a reflection of the mental emptiness i feel like i’m experiencing; where i’m supposed to be becoming a year older but yet i’ve accomplished so little & i have nothing to show for the past year.

‘future?? what future??’ –> that was literally what i wrote next to this HAHAHA. but for real, even though 15 isn’t really a milestone age, it does bring me one year closer to reality & grown up stuff, like graduating?? and jobs?? lol no get awaY from me ;-; 

ehh. this isn’t a feeling i personally get, but i felt like it made enough sense to be included. it’s about the letting go? of people – both family & friends – as we move through life and time passes,, aand the waves are there because 1. it’s more aesthetic lmao & 2. it’s supposed to convey the inevitability of such distance. 

“one year closer to death” – ’nuff said. 

hopefully this pulls off the iron-on patch feel well enough?? AHAHA i tried. it’s supposed to be about the expectations of society / people around us as we grow up and the struggle to meet them.

& that’s about it! i’M sORRY if it makes me seem like a rly negative & cynical person, althoughh that is more or less my normal state lol. for more strange thoughts turned into illustrations (HAHAHA) look here!! for another post of something similar.

xx, roxanne

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