making mood boards

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i’ve been meaning to share this for so long ahaha but i finally got around to clearing up the draft (and adding a few more updated photos). here’s a quick little tutorial & some photos for inspiration (or somethingg)

i love to make mood boards when i’m feeling really confused / fuzzy about life. idk but something about them really helps me stop thinking about the existential mess going on & hey it’s even better since i can also create art at the same time!!! (sounds nicee, right) heh

(this is just my process for making moodboards but) here it is!!

what you’ll need:

  • a journal or paper in general
  • lots of scraps! here are some craft suggestions:
    • dried flowers
    • magazine cut-outs
    • aesthetic looking tags/labels
    • patterned paper
  • adhesives – tape, glue, or even just paperclips to hold stuff on your moodboard
  • masking tape / washi tape (optional)
  • pens / paint (optional)

how to make:

1. grab your notebook or medium of choice for moodboard-making. mine is this terrible shade of green that looks rly bad in photos HAHA so choose carefully! just kidding.

2. turn on some music to channel those ~feels~ (HAHAHA i’m mostly kidding here, idk tho i like to write song lyrics in my moodboards so listening to music at the same time complements it extremely well)

3. start cutting out bits of magazine that appeal to you aesthetically – bearing in mind that not all of them have to go on the moodboard! just choose stuff first, then you can rearrange them & play around with combinations later.

4.move stuff around, and if you like it, paste it down! personally i like to start with a photo / quote i really like and build stuff around it. it’s entirely up to you how you want to go about it though.

5. finally, you can add additional annotations, words, extra illustrations with your paint and pens.

yeP, this is totally generic and kind of common sense on hindsight,, so idk why i wrote instructions HAHAHA. but on to the better stuff!!

here are some photos of my past mood boards :> (don’t mind the stupid quotes & stuff lmao)

whew! now go make some moodboard magic heheh :>

xx, roxanne

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