inspirations & stuff // vol. 2

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oops i almost forgot i have this lil series thing going on. (you can read the previous one over here haha) recently i’ve been a total mess, fighting fires in school and also life in general; i know that doesn’t really justify having not posted for rly long (sorry) but ofc i’m getting back to blogging & stuff now.

bacK TO THE POST AT HAND- this is just a bunch of things that have made me rly happy / inspired in recent days & a couple of photos i took recently :> it’s almost as messy as my life (wow look at that self-depreciating humour!!1!) but hopefully it’s kinda inspiring or interesting to you 🙂

[mhm inspirations2].png


(sorry not sorry that you have to scroll up and down between the text and the photo,,, lol)

1 // 

mooncake festival! it’s kind of a big thing where i live & although i don’t really celebrate it very traditionally it did yield many delicious mooncakes 😀 and yes, i know there’s no tea in the cup HAHAHA i tried my best to be fancy but,, oops

2 //

tried project acai! they sell acai bowls with fruits & superfoods inside and it’s basically rly yummy. although neither me nor my friend like banana, it was surprisingly tolerable in when in the presence of other fruits like strawberries, blueberries and grapes. aLSO the blended acai tastes like frozen yoghurt which i am very obsessed with. so it was gooD :>

3 //

o.o turned 15 in september; which was lowkey surreal and also kind of confusing because ??? how does growing up work,,, thank god it wasn’t as bad as i expected & idk tbh i felt kind of undeserving of the gifts and stuff that i got ;~; friends why r u so nice (thank u for erryhting man)

but yeah in general it was probably the best birthday yet!! /crying with gratitude omg/

4 //

aand school also threw exams & copious amounts of projects at me, so that’s me trying to read a history book at the library. it looks rly aesthetic because of the light and the shadows HAHA but if you look closer it’s just something about Hitler lmao

5 //

spontaneous photography exhibitions – the best kind! my friend & i were at the mall & we stumbled upon this rly cool display of local street photography. our favourite work was the one with a myriad of tiny photographs heheh they were so small there was a magnifying glass provided.

6 //

the national gallery! i’m kind of in love with this place because of the wondrous lighting & pretty interior. also, the exhibtions are extremely cool & ADMISSION IS FREE FOR STUDENTS HAHAH 🙂

yep so that’s kind of what i’ve been up to these past few weeks (ok omitting all the hardcore studying and boring stuff), and hopefully it was of some amount of interest to you. heheh.

xx, roxanne

p.s. this is my hundredth post?? idk how insane is that man 😮 tHANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG & PUTS UP WITH MY RAMBLING HAHA wouldn’t be typing this rn if not for all of your support, seriously :> 

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3 thoughts on “inspirations & stuff // vol. 2

  1. Minki says:

    Ok weird. Your birthday is literally 7 days before mine. And I just turned fifteen too! Ikr, it’s scary. Growing up is pretty crap. But kinda exciting at the same time lol.
    I love your photography. Everything always looks so bright and clean! How do you do it!


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