school stress & (half-hearted) advice

school is hard.png

whew here’s an update on my life: school is officially consuming my entire life!! /screams/ i spend a lot of time in school & i realize that its actly draining me out alot and making me horrifically stressed,,,

enter: this post which doesn’t really know what it wants to be tbh HAHAHA. i was trying to be all ~cool and knowledgable~ and share tips on dealing with stress but then i realized that i myself am terrible at dealing with stress. i cant do it at all and rn im actually dying (insert the upside down smiling emoji,,)

so this quickly turned into half-hearted advice. some of it is vaguely functional and somewhat useful and other bits,,, eh they just reflect how useless i am at dealing with the pressure that is school. it’s rly cynical and kind of sarcastic, which i actually like HAHAHA.

tips (both legit and rly sad);

01 lavender and calming smells.jpg

fig. 1 / lavender gives me life :>

use room sprays of calming smells like lavender. i’m personally very obsessed with this one because i love lavender so so much *_* idk it just makes your whole chest and lungs feel good HAHAH

try this if: you dont have an overly sensitive nose and you like to sniff stuff aka me af (!!11!)

lying on the floor and screaming/dying
02 crying:screaming is carthatic.jpg

fig. 2 / cathartic release,,

i think this is… quite self-explanatory lol. although it admittedly doesn’t do much for one’s mental state, this is a really great response to fall back upon imo.

try this if: you’re out of all other options and you really feel angri

03 sleep away the stress.jpg

fig. 3 // zzz naps r nice

ohgod,, i definitely have a love-hate relationship with sleep when it comes to tackling stress. on one hand, it puts you in momentary comatose where you don’t have to deal with the problems, but on the other you wake up with less daylight hours to get stuff done and usually feel even worse. HOW DOES ONE DO THIS :<

try this if: you actly have a rare smidgen of time to spare. warning, you may actually wake up regretting ur life decisions :<

making a list
04 list making and priorities.jpg

fig. 4 / endless lists of things to do

(also known as the lesser criticized cousin of the infamous procrastination lol) list down what you’ve got on your agenda. it’s always nice to use a fancy list paper too (this one’s from typo btw) and you can also triage/prioritize your commitments!! which miight help with time management hahah

try this if: you are into organization and list-making actly helps you to calm down, rather than remind you of the colossal piles of homework you still have yet to clear… sigh


social media / watching videos
05 the internet lol.jpg

fig. 5 / the internet lol

ohmy HAHAH this is probably a thinly-veiled excuse to give up on work but if  you’ve actually got the right amount of discipline and self-control… who knows you might be able to make this work! there’s no doubt that using social media, watching videos or just using the internet (read: wasting time and slacking off) will make you feel less stressed, even if just for a short while.

try this if: you actly find online content interesting (WHO DOESN’T tbh) and can deal with the guilt of ‘oh dear i procrastinated and wasted buckets of time’ after your indulgence session

ok so ngl, as cynical as i sound when describing all of these, most of these suggestions will be effective to some degree in moderation, like taking a nap or using the internet.

so i guess the real takeaway here is to just try to find what works for you. i am not good at this dealing with this whole ‘stress’ thing & i’m not even gonna pretend that what i do will work for anyone else.

i know you can do it and guess what?? even if you cant you still have me who’s totally hopeless at school and struggling my way through it all the same. (hopefully this gives you hope or some amount of consolation…….. lmao)

xx, roxanne

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