themed illustrations – ‘constraints’

*emotional drawings.jpg

yep i’m back with more random art projects today :’) i’ve been working on this bunch of themed sketches for a while & the lighting was rly good today so i sat down with my camera and did a little shoot 🙂

(but then im actly kind of angri @ wordpress for killing the resolution of my photos omg ;-;) ughhh. anyway this was rly fun to put together!!

about the theme though – ‘constraints’ is something that i came up with at 1AM while lying awake in bed. it’s partly me trying to be more introspective and deep that i ever can muster up, and also partly me trying to – /cue dramatic profound voice/ – make meaning of ??? life??? i think

(and i tried to explain some of them hehe)






i called this ‘grappling”??? and i guess it’s about fighting with your inner constraints and limitations because you kNOW they’re there but you’re still so inhibited. 



this is about the constraints and restrictions we set for ourselves in our own minds. & like subverting the “head full of dreams” trope because sometimes we don’t always have such straightfoward aspirations. 



life is full of ruleS and they’re basically like the formal constraint society imposes upon us. this is a figurative representation of one of the more common rules we’re subject to; ie grooming rules in school. 



this is basically a response to that thought of “how’re you gonna lock your heart from feeling things you know you shouldn’t feel??” (this is so emotional omg HAHA) 



not just the word itself but also criss-crossed with lines that represent efforts to suppress something. 


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

damn i feel like i’ve imparted a bit of my soul into this post tbh HAHAH. sorry it was so photo-heavy 😮 i had so many photos & i legit couldn’t choose heh. yep so those are my thoughts on ‘constraints’ as a concept, i hope they were vaguely engaging & idk insightful or something lol 🙂

xx, roxanne

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