cacti & converse – a photo thing


okay this post might seem like filler post but noo it’s actually also a tinyyy project i did the other day that i just had to share!! yay. it’s lowkey random but i felt like putting it up.

yep so i was messing around with my camera the other day & i decided to do something silly and take some cool photos of my succulents??? and my converse sneakers,,, HAHAH i have no idea what i was doing tbh but i ended up liking the results a lot, so here they are. 🙂

{just some casual shots of shoes and plants and marble walls.}


whew! that was more than lowkey random tbh it was HIGHKEY RANDOM but yknow; it’s just something i rly liked & i hope it’s something yall like too?? because my blog’s like a… happy place for my projects and pretty stuff & this is one of them heheh :>

xx, roxanne

(p.s. for more long photostrips / collages look over here!)

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