inspirations & stuff // vol. 1

inspiration and nice blogs.png

prelude – just wanted to say that i really did intend to make a collage for this post, but time constraints,,, so nevermind; this photo will have to do. (for now!)

moving on. i’ve been doing a lot of blog reading and instagram scrolling in my free time because i’ve somehow become addicted to looking for new sources of visual inspiration? basically, in short, i’ve found a lot of pretty & inspiring creative stuff i highkey want to share with all of you!

and as you can see this is volume one so there’s lot more to come (since inspiration knows no bounds, right?)

so yeah, here we go:

• chase (@chasevseverything)

LANDSCAPES. LOVELY VIDEOS. FANCY LIFE ADVICE. –> HELP ME. the stuff he makes is so darn naiise & i’m obviously super happy i found it!! i also might have spent a whole afternoon on his channel HAHAH

• chloe larkin (on tumblr)

i know i’ve mentioned her blog before, but seriously her tumblr is sooo visually stunning? help my eyes pls :-0 at one point last week i had the link just open on my computer and every time i had a break from schoolwork i’d be scrolling through it. she’s really nailed the whole cohesive aesthetic/feel thing.

• chessie (@freshlypickked)

i’d admit that i wasn’t always a fan of chessie,,, BUT RECENTLY i started following her on instagram and watching her youtube, and now… idk im so addicted tbh. her entire aesthetic is kind of unique and that really draws me to it! her writing and videos are extremely nice and relatable too omg you have to check it out. (p.s. have you seen her instagram filter?!!)

• jenny mustard

i found her from a youtube video about minimalistic photo editing styles and i really like the organization/lifestyle posts on her blog! it’s a little different from my normal taste but still pretty interesting. oh, and she writes in lowercase too HAHA.

• blatentlyblue 

i’ve never been one for travel or fashion posts really, but it’s more of nün’s photography style that makes me love her blog! the branding is hella good and it seriously tells a story?? also it’s very blue which is a + point because i love everything blue / cool-coloured HAHAH.

so yeah. i actually like looking at new stuff and kind of changing my aesthetic constantly & i hope these people inspire you too! :–) as you can see im running out of things to say so yea bye haha

xx, roxanne

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