things to make / do at midnight


okayy, so i’ve recently fallen into a new habit, that i’d admit is probably not all that great for my health,,, but uH it rly works for me. basically: i stay up around 1-2AM, but usually when i’m about to sleep, i get spontaneous SPURTS of inspiration for no reason at all… but i end up staying awake just a little longer on some kind of creative spree.

yes i know it sounds kind of abstract,,, but bear with me :\ idk i felt like it might be useful for anyone else who finds themselves wide awake in the middle of the night (or technically morning) and uh wanna do something creative or somewhat productive. so here’s a bunch of fun things to do at 1+AM! (sorry i’m promoting such an unhealthy sleeping lifestyle ._.)

• journalling

and by this i don’t just mean words! be it words, illustrations or lists, i think it’s a rly versatile and useful exercise. it gets all the ideas going and really, you can do anything you want!

for this, it’s great to keep a designated notebook and writing supplies near your bed, for easy access. i have a muji notebook at the foot of my bed as well as a pencil and eraser, for when those 1AM ideas strike. so far, i can actually attest to it’s usefulness – i’ve cumulated two pages of lil drawings as well as miscellaneous notes (and some weird poetry HAHAH). and tbh it’s v interesting to see what you come up with the next morning 😮

• brainstorming for ideas

ugh, this is genuinely so much fun?? i feel like being up at night kind of breaks down some mental barriers or inhibitions you might have about your ideas, which makes coming up with unique and adventurous ones much easier!

apart from that, who doesn’t like lying in bed (sO COMFYYY) while dreaming up new ideas?! idk, but not me. 🙂

when i can’t sleep, i find myself thinking up new blog posts or photog projects, and i’ve actually made a whole list of prospective things i can do. so, rEally excited HAHAH.

fun fact: i like to visualize my ideas legit rolling around in the mental workspace of my mind… HAHAHA i know it sounds extremely stupid but i’m serious, it works for me. don’t judge. :<

• finding new links

this is my favourite omg!! in the day i have productivity widgets to keep me off distracting websites (because lord knows i can’t do that myself,,,), so i rarely go on youtube / tumblr. which is all fine schoolwork-wise, but i do still like getting inspiration from those websites!

which is where this comes in. i spend my 1AMs browsing through other bloggers’ youtube accounts or scrolling through tumblr. it’s not only fun but also makes me really preppy ?? if that’s the right word- with like a lot of creative energy, which is beneficial for generating even more ideas… and yeah you see this where this is going lol.

(i have a whole lot of new links i wanna share; so watch this space i guess for a roundup post on that)

• rest

OK this one is pretty self-contradictory –> i mean, this post is talking about things to do, and rest is more passive, right? idk, but i just had to include it. 😛

i think just because you’re awake at night doesn’t mean you have to be doing something, idle time is wayy too overrated and seriously useful for refreshing your mind, which i know i can do with a little of!

that’s why sometimes i just like to sit in bed & let my thoughts wander instead of getting out and grabbing something to do. life is busy and tiring /cries/, so i’ll take any opportunity i can to think about nothing at all, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes because it chases away burnt-out feelings like nothing else.

aand that’s my take on things to do/make past midnight. i want to briefly reiterate that sleep is still important, so… yeah, don’t do this too often.

bUT if you do try some of these tell me how it goes for you i guess! i think everyone’s sleep habits are slightly different so i’d love to hear. :>

xx, roxanne

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3 thoughts on “things to make / do at midnight

  1. serging ahead says:

    As you say its not to be encouraged but I definitely agree it can be a creative time as you are not thinking about your daily chores. Personally when I was a fashion student I used to get up early like about 4-5am and find it was creatively positive for me.


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