diy watercolour laptop stickers


as inspired by a small project i did for my classmate a while ago, i’ve recently been working on new & aesthetic (of course) stickers for my laptop. or actually anything else. because why not since stickers are extremely cute and i love decorating 🙂

anyhow, since i was making them & they’re really easy to make, here’s a lowkey DIY post / watercolour sticker appreciation photo dump. whichever you prefer 😉

what you’ll need //

• sticker sheets of any size

• watercolour paint + water

• brushes and decorative pens

(^ pretty self-explanatory materials list that i almost omitted because it’s really obvious hehe)

how to make //



1. i started with just painting the stickers. try to keep the colour light and do a couple of washes, mixing in combinations of colours. whatever looks nice to you works i guess. i’m honestly more of a cool colours person so i went with those.

just note not to wet the stickers too much at one shot because sticker paper isn’t that absorbent. apart from that, the paint actually adheres quite well!

2. leave the stickers to dry! patience, obviously; because drawing on wet surfaces is gr8 and all… until stuff starts fraying. yeah.


or you can dry it with tissue for a different effect heh

3. finally, use your markers or other drawing materials to add text or drawings or uh whatever else you want. it’s most definitely open to your preference (and you could also keep the stickers blank because plain watercolour is lovely too omg)


i personally did some hand-lettering with my smaller brush pens. it’s just the typical words / quotes that i always do haha.

yep it’s really as simple as the DIY name suggests and you probably didn’t need a whole bunch of steps on how to do that,,, but i wrote it anyway lol idk.

and sInce this post is kind of short (???) i will take up a little more space with additional photos of the stickers i made. hope you don’t mind & anyway found this DIY cool / useful / just visually pretty. :>


xx, roxanne

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