travel photo diary: adventures in japan

abroad cover art.png

guys,,, this is literally my favourite post to date :-O you might see why (or not) after the jump, but first let me give it a lil introduction first. after a lot of photo editing from my trip i decided to put the photos to good use, by curating them together into a kind of collage thing. it’s basically got colours and hand-lettering and uhh idk i had way too much fun doing this over the past two weeks.

nothing too personal, because privacy and stuff like that, but hopefully these photos let you experience the real deal a little (OKAY who am i kidding that’s a complete lie; we all know bloggers’ travel photos only make us plebeians more jelly),,, meh. in all seriousness, just take a look at these sights 🙂

(aesthetic collages inspired by jasmine dowling. yes, i know they fall very short of hers. /cries/ i tried; pardon me.)

final - japan holiday collage.png

photographed by me :>


gotta say, i’m gonna miss the soft serve ice cream so much! there was literally an ice cream shop everywhere we went, so i got to eat ice cream for like five days in a row. it was surreal.

the best ice cream – hands down – was the lavender ice cream at the flower farm. man, just thinking about it,,, asdgjfs gimme back my lavender ice cream already!! (i did get room spray from the same place though & the smell gives me the nicest nostalgia ever)

also- the traditional rooms! i’m officially lowkey addicted to tatami mats. there’s something so much more fun about their texture or something, i love it hahah it’s even better than a carpeted hotel room. never thought i’d say that, hm.

this trip was also an opportune time to get even more stationery (can you hear my wallet crying? tbh i can lol) but i figured i’d include it in a second post, for organization purposes or something HAHA. –> linked it here :>

yEAH and i honestly can’t wait to travel again not just because travelling is cool?? but also because this whole post was absolutely wonderful to make hehe. seriously, i want to make another collage and maybe i will :-)) hope you liked it as much as i did!!

xx, roxanne

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7 thoughts on “travel photo diary: adventures in japan

  1. roxanne says:

    hannah!! don’t be ridiculous HAHA thank you so so much :”) omg i actually cannot handle how nice your comment is, seriously. thank you. !!!
    p.s. the lettering is drawn in photoshop with a tablet! i’m getting kind of addicted to photoshop tbh so i think you’ll see more of it around.
    xx, roxanne


  2. hannahswifi says:

    Holy mother of goat cheese! I’m actually internally crying at how beautiful this collage is. Your hand lettering is gorgeous and your photography has the best composition ever asdfghjkl please teach me your ways. Did you scan in your lettering or draw it into Photoshop with a tablet?? And I’m sooo jealous — I’ve always wanted to go to Japan!! Overall this post is such a beauty and will definitely be my photography-slash-inspiration board inspo!!

    <3, hannah


  3. Sahar says:

    Gah! I’m in love with these pics!!!!
    What do you use to write on them and all the jazz?
    Love you, and keep blogging!


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