june stationery favourites

*june stationery favouritesprelude – (getting lowkey grossed out by my own post titles HAHA they’re all hella boring,,, send help omg also i really want to make them lowercase eh)

AHEM anyway!! recently i went overseas for a brief trip & while i’m still curating the resultant photos (and mixing up some pretty collage magic for a post!!) i figured i’d quickly share what i bought over there… which was, as you might have guessed by now… lol more stationery. /ashamed crying/

apart from burning a hole in my wallet. some of these were actually pretty decently priced and i’m overall still more pleased than i should be HAHAH. eh,, moving on!

i know the title says June btw but just wanted to point out that all these were bought from overseas during a span of one week,,, so it’s not entirely correct? but i think it still makes sense haha ok

project copyDSC_0107.JPG

another angle :>


• june stationery favourites • // the magical canopy

stickers – $1 | notebook – $1 | letter set – $1 {L to R}

• june stationery favourites • // the magical canopy

{left to right} | stickers / letter set / notebook

sO. much. cuteness. yeah, i couldn’t resist getting this whole bunch of polar bear stationery bits. there’s a notebook, stickers and also a letter set (basically an envelope and matching paper).

AND each thing was only $1+?? it was absolute insanity really 🙂 in a great way.

project copyDSC_0118.JPG

notebook – $1 | page markers – $1

fact: i’m not really a cat person. no, not at all. asdfghjkl nooo no no. aHh but my friend is!! & these cat-themed goods are all for her 🙂 figured i’d photograph them anyway? because why not. being cute is quite a good reason for stationery to be photographed.

you might also notice that they are similarly priced to the polar bear stuff, because they are after all from the same shop. which has really good & affordable stationery btw

on another note is it bad to write about how much a gift costs,,, social conventions? no?? omg

project copyDSC_0123.JPG

notebooks – $1 each | copics – $4+ each

(sorry about the vaguely inaccurate pricing,, converting foreign currencies is nOt my strong suit tbh)

ok quick story sharing- i grabbed the constellation notebook with my arms already crammed with all the aforementioned and photographed products and kind of stumbled towards the next shelf where i proceeded to juggle the notebooks aND MAKE ROOM FOR THE FANCY WHITE ONE. yes, tru story.

(HAHAHA i’m actually laughing at myself so hard rn. hopefully that story seems more relatable/endearing than humiliating, seriously; for my sake.)

also the copics are much cheaper overseas than they are where i live so i gladly grabbed two of them 🙂 tbh the brush pen nibs are of a really nice texture but they do bleed a lot ;-; eh i might write more about them soon 😮

project copyDSC_0124.JPG

masking tape (mt) – $3 | $1 {L toR}

japan! the land of washi/masking tape! i think haha correct me if i’m wrong hoho.

since i’ve already accumulated a whole collection of patterned washi (like polka dots and stuff) i decided to be a little more original / adventurous? idk i got this one with ombre-like colour transitions across the whole length

and the other has relevant japanese illustrations (v CUTE).

well i hope you found this interesting / aesthetically appealing HAHAH. idk if these posts really serve as a guide to buying them since there isn’t like store info but i think of them more as stationery inspiration or smth. yaa & here’s a similar post from a few months back if you liked this one :>

& don’t worry i’ll be posting a more complete travel post soon (with a lot of scenic pictures and artistic compilations if all goes well lol) watch this spacee!!

xx, roxanne

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