Wallpaper Love : Days Like This


i was talking to a friend about my blog & it seems like a lot of people rly like the wallpapers? good to know hehe | if you do, you’re in luck because i have a new one for you today!! (and it’s free, duh.)

tbh i was just warming up for my actual art project (this one) with some lettering strokes,,, and then this popped out! i lowkey like it (okay leaning more towards highkey now) & i hope you do too 🙂 ehehe.

not much else to say to describe it (i’m sure you can see for yourself HAHA) so i’ll just wrap up this post with a couple of photos of it in action. link to download is at the bottom!




xx, roxanne

{download here}

yO! i’m also on social media & i guess you should can take a look? yep 😀 

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