Landscape-inspired Art Dots

landscape inspired art dots.png

finally kicking it back to long-term art projects and i’m very happy about it :> i basically live for slow art; it’s like my remedy for sadness and a whole host of other horrid feelings… yeah hehe.

that aside, i’ve been working on more digital art recently! i actually have no idea what to call these bits of art i’ve just made – so i’m gonna go with art dots or something lol – and these are the products of a cumulative couple of hours with my tablet :O

i thought i’d include some background behind the art as well as a bit of the process i guess,, so here it is!


what’s the idea behind these? nothing much really lol, i wanted to form a collection of representative ‘snapshots’ of a landscape, in a way that they’re not 100% realistic but you can still recognize what’s going on in them!

aand, to be very honest i think they’re in a circular shape for nothing more than aesthetic preference. sorry, nothing deep here HAHAHA. i’d like think of all the dots as like one big series of landscapes which kinda encapsulate different parts of earth? if that makes any sense!


before actually starting i wanted to a fixed colour palette for the drawing, so i ended up grabbing the colours from a photo of mine… and also free stock photos from the internet. (oops) /shrugs/

anyway,, here’s just an example of the colours & photo i used for the first dot! (yes it’s a beach.)

beach_dot copy.png

then it was all up to colouring with photoshop brushes! i can’t really describe the technique to a tee? but (if it makes any sense)… i started by blocking out with colours based on the palette i had chosen, then slowly blending them together. details were then added slowly with a smaller brush! the main gist was just to use a low opacity and be really, really tireless when it came to getting details down.

idk, i really like the sketchy effect and how it turned out. (more examples of the same dot!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.19.19 am.png

(grey background because i’m using a transparent .png file)

the other two dots were made similarly so i’ll just gloss over the process etc. here are more relevant photos tho! to provide a peek @ my art process:

as you can see, the landscapes are first drawn as vaguely rectangular areas before being cropped. idk i just preferred it this way 🙂 no struggle to fit stuff into a round circle & i might even be able to use it for another project somewhere down the line!

alsoo i’m aware this is a pretty small collection but i’m still working on it & having a lot of fun 🙂 also i take breaks to avoid burn out hehe. i’ll definitely be back with more like this though! i think it’s an idea that i can really expand on because there are so many varied landscapes i’ll never run out of things to draw. (so yes, do look out for a pt 2!!)

i’ll end this post with a photo (or three!) of the printed final versions 🙂 /excited screams/

THE FINAL PIECES (aka the fancy stuff)

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

xx, roxanne

p.s. it may not look like much but these r my precious children so pls don’t steal the art ok,,, tq!

yO! i’m also on social media & i guess you should can take a look? yep 😀 

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