A year later.


kinda in disbelief as i type this? okay, so maaay have completely missed this blog’s one year anniversary. 😮 IT LOOKS SO WEIRD TYPING IT OUT omg because i find it both mindblowing and saddening that time does pass and things do change.

let’s start back at the beginning… this is going to be a post inundated with rambly sentences and reduced levels of coherence on my part. deal with it 😛

just wanted to start off by saying that it’s been more than a year since i started writing • The Magical Canopy • (from 28th April), & yesss it has been such a wild experience. from juggling commitments to improving my aesthetic, i’ve taken away so much more from blogging than just comments and likes.

i feel like people blog for a combination of many reasons & it’s a big chunk of these that are why i blog too! there’s that personal fulfillment, as a sort of occupation of time, and, the unavoidable narcissism. because, let’s face it, we all do kind of want to get recognized by others. and honestly, i’m not saying that’s a bad thing! with it we probably wouldn’t be exposed most of the talent we see in today’s media :> (not talking about myself lol)

i guess over time my blogging style has also changed… looking back at some old graphics i can’t help but cringe awkwardly. idk if this sounds pretty unbelievable but there is actually a whole slew of things on this blog that i’m not entirely 100% satisfied with or that i don’t really like. which i guess is all part of the mindblowing yet latent called growth process hahah 😮

along the way, there were things that worked and things that didn’t… like monthly calendars – those (okay, going to have to be blunt here) quickly became a pain in the arse >-< but of course there were also things that i fell in love with! like wallpapers – never gonna outgrow those (at least not for a long time) – and sharing my art projects.

see? blogging’s also an outlet and opportunity for self-discovery in a way because you have to be so brutally honest with yourself about the process when you’re cutting out things that you simply can’t keep up with.

tbh i could go on and on about my takeaways from this past year (and more) but for real, that would get draggy (if it isn’t already!) and i don’t think anyone really wants to read it hahah. so i’ll stop here!

let’s keep it short and get to the more public part of this reflection – i’ve got plenty of people to thank! and that mostly means you – heartfelt appreciation for anyone who bothers to read the black pixels of content on my blog and occasionally leave comments. you’re the absolute best because lol you could easily choose not to read but you do 🙂 & i’m ever so thankful for that!

also, just a quick shoutout to my friends – blogging has made me find more people to rely on – both in real life and even online 🙂 you know who you are & i’ll leave it at that! it’s been really magical having people to bombard with questions like “what should i write nextttt” or “bleh i need to take photos for my blog againnnn”. you get my drift.

here’s to more years of • The Magical Canopy •, life’s commitments seem to be endeavouring ever so hard to stop me from having enough time for anything but this one year of blogging has given me so many takeaways that i’ll definitely make that darn time for more of it.

hehe sooo i’m also on social media & i guess you should can take a look? yep 😀 

Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest 

p.s. ahhh this gives me a colossal amount of awkwardness but yeah here’s a link to the first ever post on this blog for you to get an idea of how things have changed hehe :>


4 thoughts on “A year later.

  1. Daydreamer says:

    whoa glancing back at that old post your writing style was really different! im kinda a lurker on ur blog but since i know you irl i have to say im constantly impressed by the quality of the posts you churn out. it’ll be fun to see what the new year brings!

    also that last sentence’s italics sound so much like sw is it a quote?

    Liked by 1 person

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