Craft Project : Magazine Wall Art

*craft projects with magazines.jpg

lowercase post titles??! yAss. 😛

i feel like this post has the lamest title ever but honestly whatever!!! because i’m actually really excited about it 🙂

in one of my recent fits of procrastination (oops.) i dug out an old magazine… and this happened. i basically made some really cool wall art out of little cutouts and a bit of drawing – so here’s the whole process + a ton of photos from different angles just for you to appreciate the details ehehe.

the outlines for each cut-out were traced by kinda pressing the paper against the window (where it was sunny outside!!) & the back lighting basically makes it easier to trace. (the photo of this turned out really gross so we’ll have to do with a text explanation)


when pasting cut-outs, i used masking tape as a tentative way of attaching the elements to my photo, just in case they didn’t work out.

02 masking tape yayy.jpg

masking tape in action lolFullSizeRender (6).jpg01 masking tape craft.jpg

it actually turned out more like an artistic effect SO I LEFT IT 🙂 safe to say my lazy self is very happy about that!

01 typography details.jpg

typography details!! another page in the magazine had this crazy elaborate and curly font that i just wanted to copy out (in other words, the letter ‘N’ has no real meaning HAHA)

the general idea for this piece for to substitute parts of her face and hair with other photos from the magazine. for this, i guess i just browsed through the magazine and happened to find pretty good matches. in retrospect, it’s probably a good idea to flip through and cut out bits that are aesthetically-appealing and of a similar colour palette to your base photo!

also, rotating the bits you’ve cut out (for lack of a better description lol) helps when you’re trying to find an element that aligns. yes, i know i sound really airy but it’s seriously hella fun when you get started! just be open-minded to the combinations and it’ll come really soon. oh, and another tip: if it looks kind of iffy / doesn’t fit perfectly, use a pen to draw on a couple of connecting lines.

05 connecting lines.jpg

you can see that i’ve done that for this part of her hair / shoulder so it’s more obvious where the elements fit in!

finally, just for the fun of it i ended up doodling on some of the cut-outs. essentially it’s all up to you when it comes to deciding how you want to embellish the piece, so go ahead & get as creative (or not) as you want 🙂

06 moon and stars doodle.jpg

just a lil example!

this kinda art makes for a great card, poster or just as a fun destressing activity 🙂 i hung mine up with washi tape because i think it’s always nice to have some art you made yourself on your room wall.

& regardless of whether you’re actually going to give this a shot, i hope you enjoyed reading all about my crazyy adventures with magazine art (and don’t mind similar posts coming your way because i have plenty of other ideas ehehe)

xx, roxanne

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