February / March Stationery Favourites

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hey hey! looks like april’s somehow come around again… :O i for one actually felt that march didn’t pass that fast, which i guess is pretty cool, given that the years seem to be flying past so quickly.

(also april is apparently the month in which my blog was first started??? WHAT IS THIS INSANITY.) besides a ton of exams, march was also a really good month stationery-wise since i went out for a whole bunch of shopping trips, so i thought i’d share some of my favourites!

1 flatlays of notebooks.jpg

the whole spread!!

i figured it’d be cool to go a little more in-depth and share the story of getting each object as well as the price and stuff like that, so here we go 🙂

2 stickers and notebooks.jpg

puffy stickers – $4.90  |  monogram notebook – $12.00


in february, Kikki.K has this really rad offer for diary owners where you’d get a free monogram notebook with every purchase (as if we needed more reasons to get a diary) so of course i ended up buying some puffy stickers as well as the notebook for a friend of mine 🙂

3 kikki.k fruity notebooks.jpg

‘cute’ notebooks (5p) – $12.00 [not stocked anymore D: ] 

later in the month, they also had a lovely big sale, during which i picked up this bundle of five fruit-themed notebooks. gotta say, they’re hellaa cute and i’m so glad they were half-price (i think… hahaha i can’t remember but they were definitely on a worthwhile discount)

4 sticker book lol .jpg

sticker book – $22.00

march purchases from kikki.K looked a little like this! i got this sticker book on sale price and i’m already loving it so much. it has a whole bunch of gorgeous gold foil quotes and butterfly shapes and watercolour textures – basically really mindblowing-ly pretty. if you like to give gifts or accessorise your notebooks this is definitely the thing for you!


i apparently finally got through a sketchbook in early february… and if you’re anyone who knows me you’d know how crazy that is haha because i seriously takes me forever to get through any kind of notebook.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

muji sketchbook – $7

to kinda celebrate it (more like an excuse to finally get another notebook actually) i picked up this sketchbook from muji! it’s got crazy thick pages and also a really cute ribbon that ties it together. hopefully this will motivate me to keep drawing and using up my notebooks HAHAHA.

also in the photo is a lil ring holder i bought which has now turned into a decorative piece on my desk because i just don’t wear rings. :\ 

i hope this post gives you some stationery inspiration and that if you’re anything like me, your eyes are now happy having seen a little bit more of the notebooks that the world has to offer! sorry about this having been a rather rambly post; i’m definitely still playing around with my personal writing style and at the moment i’m feeling like sharing all the little stories behind each purchase. tell me what you think of it!

xx, roxanne

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One thought on “February / March Stationery Favourites

  1. Sahar says:

    I absolutely ADORE this new ‘rambly’ (not at all) type of writing! I really can come in connection with your thoughts and if this is what is suiting you, write on with 0% shame gurl!

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