A Guide to Being a Student Blogger

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a couple of weeks back, i wrote this post about the struggles of being a student blogger. i was surprised but glad to hear from many of you that you struggle with similar problems! i could honestly relate to a lot of things shared in the comments SO MUCH.

so today, i decided to write about how i cope with the stress and commitments of school as well as blogging! i hope this is a topic many of you can relate to and that it helps you manage your time better. (do note that this is just a guide of how i do things and it definitely won’t apply to everyone)

The Ground-rules 

by this, i mean your personal values, priorities (and those of the ones around you) as well as your vision when it comes to blogging. think of these as the basics of everything you do in your blogging and school life!

i know that may sound a little airy or vague, but hopefully a little example from myself will help: when it comes to blogging versus school, it’s a personal priority of mine (and my family’s) that school does sadly come first, as much as blogging is so much more appealing that studying!

it’s because of this belief that i stick to that i often have to sacrifice a blogging day for studying and doing school work instead. as horrible as it sounds, i guess it’s part of that inner duty to stick to the things you stand by in whatever you do – HAHA, now i’m just sounding like life-coach or something, but hopefully you get what i mean!

in short, stick by what you believe in and don’t let the pressure of needing to manage your blog change anything about the way you live! i think blogging should be something you enjoy and if you’re making yourself or your family upset by spending more time blogging than studying than you should, then that’s not really the right way either.

another thing to note is quality over frequency. as a reader of many blogs myself, as much as i love being able to read a new post each time i open the blog page, it’s always more of a bummer to be greeted with a short, fluffy post or basically a filler-type post in general. oh, or even worse, a post that doesn’t really fit the blog’s topics! that’s not what i came for, okay! 

(rant over, lol.) i guess what i’m saying is, remember that sometimes it’s better to give it some time and write a solid, high-quality post about something you love than stressing out, rushing and cramming words into that slip-shod post that your readers may not even really enjoy. as always, use your discretion when it comes to this! for example, an occasional updates post might be really informative for your readers, but it kinda gets repetitive and stale after a while.

Squeezing in it!

soo, you still really want to keep that blog going even during school term? that’s alright, really. here’s a couple of lil pointers on that!

1. manage your time, wisely

ehh, this is really something i lack. the internet is honestly jam-packed with so much distraction you could practically get lost for days! over time, as i’ve analyzed where all my wasted time goes (read: time spent on the internet), i’ve actually noticed that i’ve got way more free time on my hands than i think i do.

so why am i not spending it on working on my blog? afterall, blogging hones your writing, creativity and is probably a more productive hobby, as well as producing a much more fruitful product than all that aimless internet scrolling.

and these are the things i tell myself each time i have a break and i find myself drifting off around the internet! use all the spare time you have to squeeze in little actions to improve your blog. read that tutorial, write that post, shoot those photos… these little bits will all chip in and help you to keep progressing. most importantly, never look down on the potential of a few short minutes of time!

2. blog on the go 

this is mostly related to the above point; in that i mean you should capitalize on any spare moment to get cracking on your blog! yessss, i know that it’s so much easier to just scroll through social media while travelling somewhere or waiting for someone, but why not think up of some new blog post ideas or something?!

you can start by typing out ideas for posts or brief writeups for upcoming posts in the notes on your phone, or simply thinking up ideas while riding in the car. in short, utilize any idle time you have to work on your blog!

(p.s. the reminders app is great for blogging while you’re out & about.)

3. reach out to other teen bloggers & friends

seriously, you have no idea how many other bloggers are probably having the exact same struggles as you! from reading all your comments to exchanging emails with my blogging friends, i’ve gotten so much support and comfort for my current struggles.

and more than just reassuring you that you’re not alone in this, friends (both real life and blogging ones) can help you come up with new post ideas, or even help out by guest-posting on your blog! so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. i often text my friends for blog post ideas when i’m feel completely down and uninspired, and it’s a real lifesaver.

4. take breaks

yes! as much as working ever so dilligently is great for your blog, we all know how stressful school can be. so remember not to sacrifice precious sleep or rest time for working on your blog. your health should always, always come first!

blogging should always be something of an enjoyable pastime, and not about you forcing yourself to stay up late to finish writing posts or something. so keep that in mind!

(aaand, you can read all about taking blogging breaks over here.)

whew! i know this post was a very wordy one, but i do hope it helps you out 🙂 how do you manage to keep up with both blogging and school? i really need to hear any tips you have; so leave a comment below!

xx, roxanne

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