5 Nature-Inspired Palettes

5 nature-inspired colour palettes.JPG

hey hey. it’s been one very hectic week since i last posted, and as repetitive as this sounds – i’m genuinely sorry for not posting. the quality of my blog’s content is of high importance to me and it’s more important than posting filler fluff or things that do not fit my blog’s focus. today’s post is also not really very long due to my time constraints, but i hope it’ll inspire you a little and maybe put a smile on your face 🙂

last year, i created a couple of palettes based on some really gorgeous photos from unsplash. to be honest it was more of a personal project &  i never intended to put it up online… but i figured i’d share it today since i quite like them & i hope you do too!

each photo includes colours from the photo itself, and as for the names… uH, don’t mind them. i was (and am still really, actually) into tumblr-ish sounding things. i googled up “tumblr words” and chose one for each palette’s name.

oh, and feel free to use the colours for an art project or something if you need colour inspiration (ever thought of doing an art challenge only using a few colours?? now’s the time!) just remember to give credit :>

now go give the palettes a scroll!






want more colour inspiration? this blog is reallyyy stunning & i am so in love, hehe. 

xx, roxanne

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