5 DIY Ways to Decorate your Planner

01 diy decor for planner.jpg

me and my planner-obsessed posts are back, whether you like it or not! hah. my planner hands-down my favourite part about going back to school (also, thanks to everyone who has called it pretty so far; my planner is really very flattered, HAHA).

i’ve been seeing a lot of planner inspo videos and feeling that despite it cute illustrations, my planner could do with a couple of even cuter accessories! and that’s just what this post is about – a couple of cute things you can do to spice up your planner without spending too much money.

these DIYs are all pretty easy (and quick, because us students are so pressed for time). here’s to a planner that’s not only aesthetically-pleasing but also really useful!


my kikki.K planner actually comes with it’s own bookmark, but i thought – hey, why not make more?! bookmarks are great for making out more than one place in your planner, as well as just decorating it and adding flair & personality. basically, really good!


02 diy bookmark out of craft paper.jpg

this first DIY bookmark idea was made just from some patterned paper i picked up at the stationery shop like, last year. yes, i actually hoarded it for a really long time…

03 using bookmark in planner.jpg

to turn the patterned paper into a bookmark, i just cut out a small section, then punched a hole in the top. you can add a ribbon or string by threading it through the hole, but i was basically too lazy to do that for this photo shoot… so.


another really easy DIY bookmark idea is to take a simple paperclip and glue on little embellishments! this can be anything from a paper bow (tutorial linked here! i’ve seen these all over the internet and i’m totally obsessed with the ones i’ve made.), origami, or a small trinket you can spare. just make sure the glue is really strong so it doesn’t fall off in your bag or whilst you’re working.


04 diy bookmark with washi tape.jpg

the last idea… washi tape! take a small piece of paper in any shape you like, then layer strips of differently patterned washi tape over it.

05 how to make a bookmark from washi tape a

06 how to make a bookmark from washi tape

cut off the excess or fold it behind and you’ve got yourself a really pretty bookmark! of course, i recommend giving your different tapes a good look before pasting them all down. you’d wanna make sure they all look really compatible!

07 customize your kikkik planner.jpg

pop your bookmark of choice into your planner and you’re good to go!


ahhh, hand-lettered things are my favourite! (i even have a whole series of hand-lettered wallpapers… which you can download fo’ free over here. if you want, hehe.)

i’ve seen hand-lettering get really popular recently, and i think having a bit of typography in your planner will pretty much wow all your friends, as well as keep it fresh and cute.

i recommend writing out some motivational quotes on a sheet of stickers and pasting them in your planner, maybe under certain dates. or whatever you want! if you’re not so comfortable with pasting something on, you can also write on post-its and add them to your journal.

08 typography labels.jpg

just a few quote ideas!

i can’t give immediate tips about hand-lettering, but take a look at lettering instagram accounts – see their style (and technique from their videos), read up everything you, and of course, PRACTICE.

wanna read more?? here are all the tools you need for hand-lettering 😀


09 free notepaper for your planner.jpg

ugh, how many times have you wanted to scribble down some ideas immediately but couldn’t find the paper for it? i mean, it happens to me all the time… so i decided to add a bunch of lovely-looking papers to the back pocket of my planner.

it helps to have a couple of different types – lined / blank pages – kept handy in your planner. they are a total lifesaver! even better, you don’t have to make this yourself. just print out my free notepaper designs (part one & part two are linked here)- they’re made just for school and feature nice illustrations and hand-lettering… all the good stuff 🙂

also, a tip for students like me! put a small printout of your timetable (and if you want, the timetable of your close friends) into your planner too for easy reference. it works soo well, i swear. i find it the best thing ever when all your essentials are tucked neatly into your planner!


09 use clothespegs to organize your life.jpg

you’ve seen me use them as DIY birthday gifts… but they’re also great for your planner! following the same technique in this post, decorate your clothespegs with washi tape or a lil’ bit of drawing. you can use them as bookmarks if they’re quite small, or as a means of holding a print or very important reminder to your planner!

10 how to use clothespegs.jpg

if you have a planner that features a dashboard kinda thing, you can also the put the clothespegs on it. best of all, keep them in a small pocket of your planner for easy access when the situation arises! you never know when you might need it for bunting banners at school (last-minute birthday celebrations, anyone?!) or decorating your classroom. always comes in handy!


the best! paint as planner decor is probably the most messy of the ideas, but also the most versatile, fun and, in my opinion, good-looking!

start by setting up with your usual painting essentials. then grab a couple of colours that match your planner’s pages! some planners, like mine, have a different colour theme for each month or something, so try to keep it matchy-matchy. 😉 don’t go crazy with the colours!

add a little water to your paints and basically do whatever you want! i went for a more minimalistic look (to save space, and because it’s easier….) but you can of course do cute colourful illustrations, patterns or just all out colour one block because you want to. i told you it was really versatile!

don’t forgot to keep it relatively dry if your planner pages are thin. you don’t want it bleeding through! oh, and remember to let the paint dry completely before closing up your planner and using it.

whew! i think that was a lot of ideas to take in, and it sure too me really long to photograph all these little crafts you can do for your planner. but i hope you enjoyed it!

not be too bothered if you don’t like this style of planner decoration. your planner is yours, and i’d like to emphasize that however you style it and use it is entirely up to you. that said, happy planning!

xx, roxanne

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