Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

*craft ideas for valentines.jpg

hey hey! happy valentine’s day… you know i love each and every one of you for ready those blog! 😉 whether or not you have an actual date for v-day, you’re likely to find yourself needing to make small notes, but it for a “secret valentine” thing (like secret santa) or just to show appreciation for your friends.

at least i had to! so i took a couple of photos & compiled them into this post to give all of you some valentine’s day card inspo. and of course, i did them all by myself because i’m took lazy and cooped up at home doing homework 😦 to go out and buy gifts.

onto the ideas!

*diys for valentines day.jpg

but first… here’s a look at the things you’re gonna be seeing this rest of this post!


01 art dots with watercolour.jpg

my absolute favourite. i was literally so into with these that i almost didn’t give them away. (BUT I DID, don’t worry.)

these were basically done by painting a vaguely square-shaped picture and then tracing it out with the cover of my mason jar. then i simply cut out the circles…

i did a galaxy, a really tumblr sketch of a girl with her head in the clouds, and lil’ foresty piece with a fox. not much to say about technique… except try to use diluted paints for that watercolour feel and be careful not too let it get too wet!

01 tumblr painted art.jpg

keep your eyes peeled for an entire post about paint dots really soon! we’re gonna be talking in-depth technique & loads more ideas for what to draw.


02 painted labels.jpg

hmm, no lie, i’m not really sure how to title these! i just cut out tiny rectangles of painted colour and wrote some cute quotes and words.

the technique for this was first painting out the coloured background. let it dry, people. i made the silly mistake of trying to draw on some still kinda damp ones, which basically makes for a lot of bleeding ink and fraying paper fibres. a big no-no! be patient and let it dry before writing.

02 LABELS.gif

sorry about the poor quality… gif-making is one difficult task.

i personally chose to make all of the quotes about “dreaming”, i’m not sure why but maybe because i associate this certain friend of mine with being dreamy and just really tumblr like that. *shrugs*. whether or not you want to have a theme is all up to you, though!


i’m sorry if you’re sick of me promoting hand-lettering in DIYs, but this idea has to stay, because hand-lettering is such an integral part of my crafting life. :\

i just got a pentel aquash this weekend (thanks, sister!) and i quickly started trying to work with it. i had it filled up with some yellow paint this afternoon and i scribbled out a few quotes!

one of them is just purely yellow…

03 handlettering gift cards.jpg

if you’re wondering… the words say “sunsets + horizons”. my editing style is not sorry.

and for the other, i created more a yellow background with a quote in black.

03 typography valentines day note.jpg

both really classy & i love them lots! don’t forget to add a very heartfelt note on the back 🙂 a tip to prevent the paper from curling up due to wetness of paint?! paint on a large sheet of paper, let it dry, then cut it out. #tipsandtricks!

happyyy valentinesss dayyy! i’m sending my love out to all of you, whether or not you have a significant other. ❤ and hopefully with these ideas you get to create lots of really pretty things for your friends 🙂

xx, roxanne

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7 thoughts on “Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. roxanne says:

    ahhhhh, hannah! thanks for going through all my posts and liking them too? why are you so crazyy nice HAHA.
    all the best with your schoolwork okay, i can 100% relate & ughhh 😦
    xx, roxanne


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