Creative Things to Do when You’re Sick

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yes friends, i’m wearing pants in this photo 😉 

the flu bug caught me this week and i’ve spent the past few days feeling like i’m floating on air or flopping around on the ground. (if you get that description, tell me below! lol) in essence, just feeling really horrid.

thankfully, the homework gods had a little bit of mercy on me too; and i managed to have a few days of slightly less homework. which meant getting lots of inspiration and energy for my blog! including doing lots of creative things… i’ll share them all with ya.

i know i wrote about how bogged down i was previously, but at least for today, things are looking up! here’s a bunch of things i did just to channel my creativity, feel more inspired to write again and turn my tired, sick eyes into hearts. heh.


1 scrolling through instagram mindfully.jpg

we all know how many hours of life we’ve wasted on aimless instagram scrolling… but this scrolling i’m talking about is different, okay. (though since you’re probably not feeling well, i wouldn’t condemn some sinful scrolling either! don’t be so hard on yourself.)

purposeful scrolling is more of being mindful – see a thumbnail of a post you know you won’t like or find relevant? please, just ignore it. i can’t count how many times i’ve opened random pictures that i have no idea about because i’m just curious and have a lot of time on my hands. ahem.

avoiding that may be difficult and will definitely take a lot of self-control, but we can work on it together! and you don’t have to do that just when you’re sick, this can become a total project in mindfulness if you want.

another purposeful thing to do on your instagram: work on that following list! i mean this two-ways: purge those accounts you’ve stopped enjoying, and hunt down some new ones to follow!

very often, i’ll find myself slowly “outgrowing” an instagram account, and basically not enjoying their posts so much anymore. you know those people whose photos you scroll right past when you see them on your feed or when you haven’t like a single photo of theirs in weeks? we want to be purposeful here, so unfollow those accounts right away!

meanwhile, find some new content to enjoy as well. start with an account you really, really, love, one that just ignites that zing in you; or maybe the account of a new blog you’ve been digging. (basically, an instagram that you’re 100% in love with.)

then, click on the suggested accounts tab next to their follow button, and keep going! instagram will cleverly supply you with account after account of similar content. perfect for follow sprees! spread the love and give out your follow freely… you can always unfollow if you find it’s not to your taste later on.

1 follow me on instagram! haha.jpg

(JUST SAYING, i’m @themagicalcanopy on instagram if you wanna give me a follow or just pop by to say hi. no pressure; i’m never one for promoting following. do what you want, yeah?)


not sure about you, but when i’m sick, i don’t really have the energy to sit down with my craft supplies and work on stuff. but i can find lots of craft projects and inspiration! i spent the most of yesterday sitting around on my laptop scrolling up and down the lovely pages of homeyohmy and thelovelydrawer, ogling at their pretty photos and gaining lots of inspiration!

gotta say, part reason why i have the energy to write today is thanks to their blogs! reading blogs that i fawn over always gives me a lot of creative energy and that sparkly feeling of inspiration. 🙂

if reading blogs isn’t for you, perhaps take a few minutes (time yourself, so you don’t digress!) to check out some of your favourite pinterest/instagram accounts (aka, visual inspirations), listen to your absolute favourite songs (audio inspirations) or get out of your house for an easygoing nature walk.

(that’s in bold because you should probably exercise some discretion here and NOT go on a walk if you’re feeling really horrid and not up to it.)

if you’re like me and have a lot of thoughts running through your head at all times, don’t forget to screenshot/photograph some of the things that you find so you can refer back to them for further inspiration later. or, jot it down in a notebook / phone app!



since you’re going to be doing lots of laying in bed, drag your camera and laptop in with you! take some cute lil duvet shots, maybe point it out of your window and stuff. then upload it to your laptop and get editing!

i personally find editing photos really therapeutic and it’s also one of those less tiring creative projects to embark on, which is great for us sick people. 😦

even if you’re not in the mood to take photos, you can always edit past photos, or… okay, my favourite photo editing project is to do photo manipulations with free (keyword, free, please don’t mess around with copyrights!) stock photos. add some hand-lettered text, or cut out elements from one photo and add it to another background with Preview!

any photo editing project that makes you feel happy… do it.


2 creative writing and blog posts.jpg

and by something, i mean ANYTHING! pick up a pen and some paper, or open your writing app of choice and get writing! write about what comes to your mind, describe your surroundings (a great act in mindfulness!) or do something like a poem or story. whatever floats your boat!

my top writing choices are normally poems, as well as working on “magazines”. (that’s in inverted commas because they will never be published! like, ever.) i just like to write in a really eccentric way, practicing my “tumblr-tongue” (the language of tumblr) and trying to sound as aesthetic and fancy as possible.

(i usually reference kinfolk… i love their writing style as well as how they’ve got pretty good vocabulary… which is the perfect mix.)


3 curating good product.jpg

and when you’re done getting a good dose of creative comfort, how about putting it all together? this can be anything from journaling down the experience, or compiling your bookmarks of good blogs and other sites you enjoy. (at the same time, clear out bookmarks that you don’t need anymore!)

i personally also look for a lot of cute stationery and art supplies online when i’m sick, so i’ll note down the products i’m interested in for further reference! you can also make a list of even better things to do when you’re fully recovered from your illness. 🙂

sound good? being sick, i know, is a total pain in the butt, but hopefully with rest, medicine and some creative activity you’ll be feeling better very soon. (if you’re actually sick when you read this, get well soon!)

i can’t wait to hear what you do when you’re sick, be it another creative habit or just any other rituals you have. leave a comment below!

xx, roxanne

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4 thoughts on “Creative Things to Do when You’re Sick

  1. erincusackblog says:

    I just got back from vacation and got hit hard with something so I can totally relate. During the time I wasn’t about to die I got a ton of work done on my blog! Including crossing off the longest living item on my to-do list- starting a Pinterest for my blog! I still don’t feel great, but I do feel good about what I’ve accomplished! Hope you’re feeling better!


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