Being a Student and a Blogger


today i sat down with my laptop, fully intending to finish up my upcoming blog post… but instead, this post happened.

i think often times it’s not expressed enough how hard it is to manage blogging and school life, and i think it’s important to share my struggles and get it out there so all of you can understand what’s going on and like why i’m not posting as much anymore.

this post is going to be really raw and personal about my struggles; please don’t take anything here offensively! 

recently, while typing out blog posts, my mind kept drifting back to all the things i had to do later, and all the upcoming graded projects, and how badly i’m coping with the increased workload.

i honestly look up so much to those teen bloggers who can manage school and blogging, and still keep post going every day. i’m acutely aware that i can’t, and i guess that makes me feel really disappointed.

not to say i don’t like blogging anymore – on the contrary, i am still really in love with it and it hence makes me even sadder when i can’t write anything properly – but as the workload piles on and the pressure grows, it’s becoming more and more difficult to post regularly.

i guess, to cut all this rambling short, what i’m saying is – i really sorry for not having posted much in the few weeks. i try very hard to prioritize my school life and as the commitments have probably doubled with the new year’s arrival, i suppose my plans to continue blogging a lot have sort of faded into the background.

i’ll be posting another post real soon, i promise, but for now! i really seek everyone’s understanding 🙂 sometimes real life is more important than keeping up with the online world and i think all of us need to step away for the screen and focus on what really matters. thanks so much for staying patient as i fumble to get my sh*t together (oops).

this blog isn’t going anywhere, but i will be a bit less active than normal in the coming days. still love every one of you for reading until here! ❤

xx, roxanne

(p.s. i post a lot on my social media because it takes much less time & effort than writing a post, so do follow along!) 

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8 thoughts on “Being a Student and a Blogger

  1. thekatybennett says:

    I definitely understand the struggle, I’m in my last year of sixth form and A Levels are crazy! Keeping up with the blog posts is so hard sometimes… I completely empathise! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. roxanne says:

    aw, thanks for your understanding! my heart feels so warm ❤ i think it's v important that we stick to our priorities, really. all the best with your blog!
    xx, roxanne


  3. sncoloj says:

    I totally understand you. I am a medical assisting student and I would much rather get good grades for the most part and in my free time write a blog post. It’s been a while for me, but school comes first.

    Liked by 1 person

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