Wallpaper Love : ‘Hello’ Cute Patterns


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two wallpapers in a row? y’all are blessed, HAHA. just kidding, this wallpaper probably should’ve come in a bundle with the previous one (i’ll link that one right here!) but busy me was far too bogged down by work to get the photo shoot done.

but of course, it’s ready today! this phone wallpaper is ridiculously cute and a bit more bright and cheery than my normal ones. link to download will be below!

(excitin’ note!!! the photos for this post were taken with the second-hand DSLR i just got. really loving the quality although i’m still a total noob at using it… so any tips would be very, very much appreciated :D)

dang, this one’s so cutesy!! i love the whimsical dot print – i’m trying to up my pattern game and this is one of the easy repetitive patterns i’ve come up with. it was hand-drawn with a couple of markers and then scanned in! i’m really in love with that transferring technique, as you can tell 🙂

cute lettered wallpaper for my phone.jpg

i’ve also added a sweet “ribbon” and the words “hello!”. not gonna lie, it’s quite inspired by DesignIsYay‘s old logo! i was totally in love with the ribbon she had.

{do go check out her blog! she’s very, very talented – much so than me, haha – and has a ton of free wallpapers and other DIY downloads.}

with all that said, you can download the wallpaper right here. set it on your phone, take cool photos and basically be cheered up by the bright colours! don’t forget to share it with me if you do 🙂 can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

xx, roxanne

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p.s. i’ve been feeling like i have really weird post titles these days, so any suggestions might also be taken as the new name of this post if i like them enough! just putting it out there.

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